A big rumour circulating on the island of Ibiza this side of Christmas, is the one that suggests Luciano and his Cadenza Vagaboundos, are once again on the road and searching for a new home to hang there pricey hats. Theirs, was one of the most promising looking parties last season, when it was announced that they would be replacing the Sunday institution that was We Love at Space. However the party failed to capture the imagination of the island faithful or the crowds, as the British clubbers that made We Love such a popular party, turned their backs on Space and Luciano and went elsewhere. It was a reminder to Space and Ibiza that the UK scene is an integral part of the islands clubbing culture and to ignore it, can prove costly.

After a successful season at Destino in 2014, Luciano was back in demand in Ibiza as a number of Clubs went looking to sign his services. One thing that Luciano is not, is cheap. He commands close enough to a six figure fee to play in Ibiza and after his fall from grace at Ushuaia in 2013, his stock was low. However, after a successful season at Destino in 2014, Luciano was back in demand in 2015 with Space outbidding Pacha and Amnesia to sign him. After a disagreement over contracts on social media, Luciano and Amnesia exchanged blows in public, which is not the way to do business in Ibiza and life lessons should have taught the Swiss DJ that you should never burn bridges, a costly mistake that rules him out of Amnesia for the foreseeable future.

If Luciano can find a 2016 Ibiza residency, it will be more than likely at Pacha or Destino. There will be at least two vacancies to fill on the Pacha program for next year and the classic Ibicenco club has always pined for Luciano, ever since he walked away in loyalty to Danny Whittle, an admirable trait that Pacha would respect. If the rumours are true and Luciano does depart Space, what will replace him at the Club which will say a sad farewell to Pepe Rosello next year? We are hearing that Space could have a big surprise for us on Sundays as they try to make amends for angering the UK market with the loss of We Love, which thankfully will be returning to Ibiza but not at Sankeys. A well know UK party is rumoured for a Sunday residency at Space, so stay tuned to the Blog as we bring you the latest news and gossip as it unfolds from the magical White Isle of Ibiza.