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Welcome to the DannykayIbiza award-winning Blog. Please feel free to browse the many exclusive reports, interviews, stories and advice complied from the warm memories of 25 years, visiting the magical island of Ibiza as a tourist.

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Welcome to the Blog, an independent and personal view of Ibiza from a tourist perspective. The blog is non-commercial, so we enjoy an open editorial that allows us more freedom than other commercial media outlets on the island.

2023 will be my 28th year returning to Ibiza, where I have met many good friends and lived with local families. I have always written the blog for Ibiza; my views are my own, and please be assured I do make mistakes and get things wrong.

So please enjoy the blog for what it is – a reflection of the beautiful and multicultural island from a social and cultural perspective, not a commercial one. It just happens that this small, magical island in the Med that we all love doubles as the Electronic Dance Music Capital of the World, thanks to the talented and creative people who live and work here.

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Our exclusive and independent guide to Club events, politics, gossip and all the latest rumours on the island from sources on the ground in Ibiza. If you have a story or a juicy rumour that you would like to share please feel free to contact us.

The Trouble With DC10 Ibiza

Once upon a time DC10, was the jewel in the crown of the Ibiza Clubbing scene. In the true spirit of Ibiza, it represented freedom of expression, respect and...

Pacha Apply For €25 Million Euro State Aid

The once famous Ibiza brand, Pacha, which was sold to a group of investors for €350 million euros in 2017, has reportedly applied to the Spanish state for a...

Local Residents Declare War On DC10 Ibiza

The first rule of Ibiza is, you do not disturb the neighbours. If you want to do business on the island, this unwritten rule is cast in stone and you ignore...

Pepe Rosello Launches New Space Project In Ibiza

Pepe Rosello the founder of Space, has announced that he is to open a brand new business on the sunset strip of San Antonio. What was formally known as,...

Ibiza 1999. A Summer Of Love.

A post by Judge Jules wife Amanda Riordan on Instagram today brought back memories of a time when the island amplified a more ambient energy. Love was...

Record Breaking Queues For DC10 Ibiza 2021 Opening Party

As his 2700 masked customers, queued patiently near the sunbaked salinas salt plains to enter his club, DC10 owner Antonio Carbonaro watched nervously as he...

Political Storm Hits Spain Over Covid 19.

As Spain continues to fight the Covid19 crisis, the country is embroiled in an angry political war that has the potential to bring down the Government as old...

New Owners Rumoured For Sankeys Ibiza

Sankeys Nightclub Ibiza, located in Playa den Bossa, is rumoured to have new owners. The club was reportabley up for sale with a number of...

Hi says Goodbye To Ibiza 2018

The Gods of Ibiza, notably Bez and Tanit, have cast a benevolent eye it seems, over the hallowed ground that Hi currently sits on. Once a temple to the...

Carl Cox’s New Space Mission

Its the hot, news story doing the rounds in Ibiza right now. When asked during an interview with [email protected] if he was planning on building a new Space, Cox stated...

Resistance Release Killer Ibiza Promo Video

It was touted as one of the biggest residencies of the summer, and in true Ibiza style, Resistance has delivered the goods at Privilege this season. Ever...

New Management For Sankeys Ibiza 2018

A press release from the new owners of the Sankeys brandname in Ibiza, has stated that the club will reopen on May 10. The new owners, a company named, Octan...

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