Balearic Maestro Alfredo Steps Back From The Decks.

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One of the masters of the Balearic music scene, Alfredo, is to step back from playing gigs due to ill health. In a public post on Facebook, well-known island resident Tim Sheridan published a photograph of him having lunch with the 71-year-old Argentinian DJ. It stated that Afredo wished to convey his thanks to those people who supported him after suffering his strokes. The blog understands that Alfredo is receiving care and is no longer accepting offers of work which will be a great loss to the dance music community on the island of Ibiza where he has resided since 1976.

Alfredo is best remembered for his iconic 8-hour sets at the old Amnesia club in San Rafel, which influenced a generation of pioneering UK DJs and gave birth to the dance music revolution in the early nineties. Alongside the late Jose Padilla, Alfredo was considered a master of his art and in recent years was active playing sets in all the major clubs and venues on the island. Sadly It is unlikely that the great man will ever grace the decks again but nothing is impossible in Ibiza. If anybody is to beat a disability, it will be Alfredo. 

Alfredo closes a generational door on a golden era in the island’s rich musical culture. His quiet, steely and measured character behind the decks will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Alfredo will always be regarded as the Father of the Balearic scene and one of the few DJs that I would consider a true artist. He began his iconic nine-year residency on the Amnesia Terrace in 1983 having previously worked in the disco bar, Be Bop, in La Marina.

Thank you for the music.

It was in 1987, during the island’s ecstasy era, that his Balearic style of music connected with an English group of DJs during one of those magical Ibiza moments that gave rise to a new wave of music in the UK that had a ripple effect around the globe. On behalf of the blog, we send The Maestro all our love and gratitude. For without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me. 

A GoFundMe campaign is currently raising funds to help cover the costs of Alfredos ongoing care. 

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