Space Ibiza Opens In Italy

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Pepe Rosello has announced this week that Space will launch in a galaxy far, far away from Ibiza, in Riccione, Italy. The creator of the Space Ibiza experience in 1989 took to social media to release a video in which he stated that many of his old Ibiza crew would be joining him to explore strange new worlds at Riccione on Italys Adriatic coast. The surprise move will see the much-loved brand open a new club with four areas, the Arena, Garden, Terrace and Lounge, in partnership with Giovanni Cipriani, owner of Downtown restaurant in the Ibiza Gran Hotel complex home to Heart nightclub.

Ciipraini was also involved with the ill-fated Boom nightclub, which was managed for him by Danny Whittle, who is now working at Heart near the old Booom site, which the Italian purchased for 8.1 million in 2014, outbidding the Matutes group for the land adjacent to the club which is now owned by a foreign interest after a protracted legal battle

The move to open Space Ibiza in Italy brings closure to the debate about whether or not Pepe Rosello could trade the original Space Ibiza concept in Ibiza. While he did launch a few Space related business ventures on the island, they did not carry the Space Ibiza branding leading to the conclusion that he no longer owns the rights to trade in Ibiza as Heart Club, which is located at Cipriani HQ in the Ibiza Gran Hotel complex would have done so by now. As we reported last week on the blog, It would appear Rosello retains the rights to trade the brand internationally. 

Ownership of international rights

It is not clear if Cipriani has purchased the international rights to Space Ibiza or if he is in partnership with Pepe Rosello. Still, an article in the industry press this week stated that the Cipriani-controlled ECulture, an international equity marketing and entertainment company, was financing the project. 


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