Booom – The Grim Reaper Cometh.

A Judge in Ibiza has ordered, that the tenant trading as Booom nightclub, should vacate the building by April 4th next. The landlord of the premises, Nung River SL, had sought to evict Booom for non payment of rent, at a court hearing on February 19th last. Nung River, was incurring significant liabilities and penalties for every day it did not hand over vacant possession of the building to the new owner, Nayarit Inversiones SL, which had published Termination of Lease notices on August 7th last. The successful action taken by the landlord Nung River, is an ominous sign that the end is nigh, for the troubled Booom project which is promoted by Italian Restaurateur, Giuseppe Cipriani. It’s not good news for the people employed at the Club and for the music industry in general in Ibiza, as everybody had originally set out with good intentions to deliver a quality club and venue. Instead of music and entertainment, politics, intrigue, dashed dreams and clever legal maneuvering, is what Booom will be remembered for.

The club had courted media publicity from its very inception and was a real life drama played out in a very public way. It was powerful reality TV style viewing, with supermodels, millionaires, superstar DJ’s, Formula One racing stars, along with high profile industry legends and brand names, all connected to the club. Its colorful and stylish owner, Giuseppe Cipriani, was the ringmaster of a circus that locals in Ibiza had never seen before and that’s saying something, considering the extrovert and hedonistic history of the islands personality. Innocence and fun, had been replaced by big egos and the only winners were the corporate legal sharks.

There was nothing Ibicenco about the whole messy affair and it is important to remember, that this saga had imported and foreign roots, not indigenous to the islands true personality. Ibiza is used to sorting out its arguments behind closed doors and rarely does it wash its dirty linen in public. The legal ball is now firmly back in Mr Ciprianis court, whether he has the appetite to return the volley is clearly up to him – rumours suggest that he will keep fighting it. Lets hope he will leave the jinxed club that was Booom behind him, put it all down to experience and live to fight another day, as Ibiza will not shed any tears of sorrow, over the loss of Booom

Update 07/3/14 Booom states that it will remain open for Ibiza 2014 summer season. Read more here

UPDATE 4/3/14  Defected and Booom announce Tuesday Residency for Ibiza 2014