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Pennsylvania Burger Moves To New Premises in San Antonio.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

One of San Antonio’s most popular local restaurants, Pennsylvania Burger in the West End, has moved to new premises on nearby Carrer de Sant Antonio. The larger, more modern unit in the old Can Vinyas was opened on May 2 just in time for the Ibiza 2023 season and already it’s been a huge success.

The diner, an institution in San Antonio, has served the local community for over thirty-six years after Pepe, its owner, founded it in the 80s, serving his juicy homemade burgers and sandwiches to tourists and locals. When Pepe sadly passed away in 2013, his two sons continued the family tradition in the old premises, which was located near the top of the original West End Street Calle Colon. It was always difficult to get a seat in the diner, such was the popularity of the food and the personality of the two brothers who worked side by side serving hundreds of orders a day, take out and dine in.

While it was not easy to leave the old diner because of its emotional connection, im sure Pepepensil would be very proud to see Pennsylvania Burger serve the next generation of customers in such a stylish and modern diner. Regulars have confirmed that the food is as good as ever, and the menu remains the same. We wish the family all the very best of good luck in their brave new direction.  You can follow the new Pennsylvania Burger on Instagram, and thanks to Mr and Mrs Cox for the food review and photos. 

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