Bomba in its present condition.

Just when things looked like they were going along swimmingly, a last minute intervention and official lodgement of complaint, has threatened the opening of Club Bomba, on May 22nd next. A ten day period, where members of the public had an opportunity to lodge an objection, to the permission granted by the local Ibiza Town Council, expired yesterday. The Diario de ibiza is reporting that a director of the old Penelopes Club, the premises where Bomba is now located, has lodged written complaints and threatened legal action against Ibiza Council, if the Club re-opens as a nightclub. While not unexpected, the move will be seen as an escalation of hostilities between certain well known parties, that may result in legal wrangling, and ultimately, delays in official process.

The premises where Bomba is now located, has had a difficult and colourful history. After trading unsuccessfully under a number of different guises, the premises was finally closed in 2007. The Government of that time, introduced new laws that prohibited the opening of any new clubs in the area. The venue, while benefiting from an excellent location, was always regarded as a high risk venture, due to the politics associated with it and its proximity to Pacha. The previous owner would have sold the club to the current owners, as an asset with no planning permission to open as a nightclub, thus decreasing its sale value. When the local council granted permission to proceed as a nightclub earlier this month, its value would have risen considerably. This may be a reason, why an owner of the old company that managed the premises, has lodged an objection. He will most likely look for compensation. There may also be other reasons to the objection, but we don’t know for sure.

If the objection is not withdrawn, it will mean a legal process that may delay the opening of Club Bomba. It is not clear, if the objection will halt work to refurbish the project, as this will be a matter for Ibiza Council to decide on. As it stands, if work started yesterday, it would be a race against time to prepare the premises to open on May 22nd, any delays will not help matters. Technically, the premises has no licence to operate as a nightclub, as the submissions of objection by the public have to be considered by the council before they can officially decide what action to take. The announcement by the management team at Bomba, that it would open on May 22nd, now seems a little premature and a timing error of judgement, that may affect the councils final decision. Politically, the club may become too hot to handle for some. The whole affair has the potential to turn into a dogs dinner, but lets hope that common sense can prevail, and the Club can proceed with its plans.