Ibiza Aliens & UFOs. Urban Myth Or First Contact.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

The island of Ibiza is located in the middle of the mediterranean sea, close to the cradle of civilisation Mesopotamia and the stage to many fables and myths from antiquity. The Greek writer Homer based several stories on its seas. Jason and The Argonauts, Troy, the lost city of Atlantis, the Gods, Sirens and Titans are all played out around the Med. The Twelve Olympians, one of which was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, pleasure and fertility, is connected to Ibiza’s Mother Goddess Tanit. The Greeks named the island, The Pitiüses, from which certain scholars claim the name Ibiza is derived. Another myth alludes to the story that Ibiza was the island where the dove from Noah’s Ark returned the olive leaf from.  The powerful and imposing rock of Es Vedra is claimed to be the third most magnetic point on earth, with many local legends of monsters and UFOs connected to it. Since the dawn of civilisation, Ibiza has escaped the ravages of war and destruction. Our ancestors seemed to have revered it. As a Carthaginian city, the Romans did not burn Ibiza as they did Cartage; instead, they buried their Nobel dead alongside those of their arch-enemies, making it the oldest intact necropolis in the world. This led to the belief that Ibiza is the gateway to the next life, where souls can pass quickly and easily through its thin veil. 

This portal to another dimension theory leads us to the subject of this blog, Aliens of Ibiza, first contact or urban myth. I have been visiting the island since 1995, and as a kid who grew up in the seventies watching Star Trek, my interests were always drawn to extraterrestrial life and the paranormal. Nothing OTT, but I always keep an open mind while on this planet, as there is enough evidence out there to support the theory we are not alone. I had first heard of the Ibiza UFO sightings from locals, many of which have seen unexplained objects while growing up on the island. What surprised me most about their stories was their offhand, matter-of-fact attitude towards them. It was like they were a normal occurrence and accepted as part of the island’s multicultural identity. Ibiza is at crossroads for many travellers’ journeys and is regarded as a refuge for those who want to avoid being found. This can be traced back to the Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition and American draft dodgers among a colourful rouges gallery of those on the run from society. Ibiza was the perfect place to hide.

So armed with my local UFO information, I started to ask around and bring the subject up in conversations. While the locals preferred not to draw attention to the matter, as Ibicenco culture is a closed one, tourists and workers were happy to expand on the subject by offering actual stories of contact with aliens; much of this was connected to drug taking. Ibiza has the finest and purest hallucinogenics in the world, so that information is suspect, even though many swear they were sober at the time. But drugs alter reality, that’s why many people take them to escape from the effects of real life. I remember the writer and inventor Arthur C Clark, who wrote the 2001 A Space Odyssey screenplay, suggesting his theory for paranormal sightings and ghostly visions. He maintained that if the brain can process light and images coming in, it could also reverse that process and project images out, forming visions that appear real to the person projecting them. He supported this theory by saying it was rare to have two people witness the same apparition at the same time. So the subconscious brain is playing tricks on us, making us see live dreams in front of our eyes. The use of hallucinogenic drugs will only open the mind to further expansion. 


However, one recurring story in recent conversations was that Aliens were making themselves known in first-contact interactions with humans in Ibiza. This was the first time I encountered these first contact reports in 2018. They supposedly take human form and are known to observe quietly in the background and, when approached, freely offer the information they are aliens. I have listened to similar first contact tales, but all would be herbal or chemical related. One person said the Aliens only approached people on drugs as their perception was on another level. Still, you could apply that theory to any cult and spiritual gurus on the island. On the other hand, if you were an Alien here to observe the human ecosystem, Ibiza, and its crazy tourist season backdrop, would offer the most entertaining seats on the planet to view it. I would safely say that certain Ibiza residents would happily Que to board any Alien spaceship; abduction would not be required. While they are numerous reports of first contact in recent years, it’s more likely that this story is an urban myth due to the drug use of those who claim it as true. However, the reports are increasing along with the island’s UFO activity in recent years, which ties in with an official landmark report from The Pentagon recording increased UFO activity in our skies. 

We have to look with better eyes.

I have uncovered plenty of evidence to support the presence of UFOs around Ibiza. Locals have testified to seeing them both at night and during the day. There are several videos where these objects have been captured on video, a famous one recorded flying over Privilege nightclub in the afternoon with clear skies. I have spoken to sober friends just off the plane and on their way to their hotel who witnessed a UFO in broad daylight travelling parallel with their car over the sea on the Sa Caletta road. They thought it was a PR stunt for some party on the island. I wrote a blog on a sighting that my ex-landlord witnessed and captured on camera flying over our house in Cala Llonga; the locals believe that these UFOs originate from the sea, not the skies giving evidence to the Lost City Of Atlantis. In my opinion, the sightings of UFOs around Ibiza are real, and there is evidence to support this. I set up a Facebook page to record these sightings, Ibiza UFO Sightings, soon after the Cala Llonga incident, which many people observed, and closely resembled the most authenticated UFO witnessed in Spain over four decades earlier. The case remains open and unexplained. 


It is a famous event that occurred in 1979 over Ibiza and is one of the most credible and celebrated sightings in UFO history. The incident was also a first in human interaction with UFOs, as it forced a passenger jet full of Austrian tourists flying from Palma to Tenerife to make an emergency landing in Valencia.  Flight TAE-297 a Super Caravelle passenger jet, was flying over Ibiza when it encountered “a devilishly fast device with amazing manoeuvrability.” according to its pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada, who uttered these now celebrated words in UFO folklore “It is much faster than us, and it is getting closer and closer. I’m going to Valencia!” The UFO tracked the passenger Jet to the airport, and forty witnesses reported seeing it. They even turned on the airport runway lights, thinking the UFO was a plane coming in to land. The Spanish Ministry of Defence immediately launched a Mirage F-1 fighter jet from the 141 Squadron of the Spanish Air Force, which attempted to intercept the UFO but failed after running out of fuel chasing it. A UFO fitting the description of the Flight JK297 UFO had been sighted many times over the island of Ibiza, and it was captured on video over Cala Llonga in 2021. The official transcript of the Manises UFO report can be viewed here. 

The Manises UFO case lends evidence to the theory that the area around Ibiza is a hotbed for UFO activity. Locals also suggest that these friendly UFOs emanate from the seas, supporting the theory that the lost City of Atlantis is near Es Vedra. According to local culture, The Angel of the Sea protects fishermen and boats like the extraterrestrial alien in James Cameron’s underrated movie The Abyss. There is evidence to support this theory as a photographer in Soller Majorca, Pep Climent, captured a bright orb rising from the sea. The photograph was published in the local press before Spanish Air Force Officers visited the photographer and confiscated the negatives of the UFO in the interests of National Security. This story made headlines during the investigation of the Manises case. 


So in conclusion, to our report. I know a lot of crazy shit happens in Ibiza. It is difficult to find a resident who would disagree with this opinion. The locals will always tell you that they witness  stranger human activity than extraterrestrial . This perception has led to a playing down of UFO reports, and as Ibiceno culture is a very private one, people keep things to themselves; they are not known to seek publicity. Ibiza attracts regular UFO traffic; the evidence supports this. Do I believe that Aliens are partying in the clubs with us and making first contact? Thats a tougher one to accept due to the consumption of mind-altering drugs, but if we believe there is UFO activity, then we have to admit that in all probability some of the pilots of those crafts have experimented in some of the delights of the human flesh just like the alien in the movie Paul. The truth is out there if people want to find it, but in today’s digital society, people are easily distracted and not paying attention. To quote a line from The Abyss movie, You Have To Look With Better Eyes,” to see them. 

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