UFO Activity Lights Up The Ibiza Skies

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Written by Dan Kirwan

The clear light of the night sky over the island of Ibiza has long been known for its vivid quality, thanks to the island’s isolation in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, away from the pollution of industry and big cities. It’s a perfect place to stargaze, and in recent weeks there has been an increase in UFO activity.

Normally people don’t report what they see for fear of been associated with herbal or chemical hallucinogenics, or in the local’s case, take it as part and parcel of the island’s complex identity and just shrug their shoulders. In the local’s view, they have witnessed a lot more crazy tourist-related activity on land than in the skies, and UFO sightings are considered old news at his stage. 


However last night and in recent weeks corroborated reports of a bright white object moving erratically at high speeds is catching the attention of island residents. The object, which has been seen to flash blue and green before exploding into a vivid white light, darts around the skyscape in an array of linear and circular movements.  My landlord, a person who does not smoke or drink alcohol, witnessed the 3-5 minute sighting last night in the skies over Cala Llonga, and they were clearly animated and rattled by the experience hence my report on the incident. Below is an account of the sighting. 

Sitting outside on the phone at 10.15 pm the object appeared in the Northern sky. At first, it appeared like a shooting star but when it changed direction and started to flash a green colour, it raised eyebrows. Then with a flash, it burst into a static white light and remained stationary for one minute before returning to a fast green flashing light and moved away again. When it travelled it changed colour to green and moved in a swift cross-shaped and circular formation. This silent sequence occurred four to six times in an approximate 5 minute period before suddenly disappearing again. 

At first, it appeared like a shooting star but soon changed direction

My landlord attempted to video the object on a smartphone but for some strange reason, the device’s video recorder would not start during the event but did work afterward. Thankfully the photo function of the camera did capture an image that gives this account a certain amount of substance. Both the original and a zoomed-in shot are included in this blog, so you can make up your own mind regarding its authenticity, the image has not been filtered or edited in any way and I think there is enough evidence in it to raise questions. Circular rings can be seen surrounding the object and I’m sure some digital experts will probe it in more professional detail. 


It’s certainly been a weird and crazy season on the island with many people commenting how scattered its energy is. The spiritual and alternative healing community is linking the change to a new awakening for the island. In my twenty-five years visiting Ibiza, I must admit this year stands out as different, the energy is changing for sure and maybe this is a reason for the increase in UFO activity over the Ibiza skies this summer. 

Update 28/9/21 The UFO returned and this time my landlord captured it on video. Below is one of the videos she shot of the experience. 

Image Credit Anton Calipagiu

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