I get many requests on the Tripadvisor Forums, from people asking advice about what they should wear in Ibiza. In most cases, I always advise them to dress in whatever they feel most comfortable with, what they feel reflects their personality best. Self expression is welcomed in Ibiza and the Island is tolerant of all cultures, diversities and beliefs. Therefore its important to be yourself and in Ibiza, the real person is welcomed more than the fake, manufactured image. Dont be afraid…push the boundaries if you want, Ibiza will welcome it.

In Ibiza, a person can be who they want to be, without anybody taking much notice of them. Dress codes are for stuffy, conservative and traditional societies. The Islands personality is much more liberal and casual, with flowing and loose clothing popular, due to its practical advantages of comfort and breath ability in the hot heat and humidity of summer. The Island is home to the famous artisan Adlib fashion style, inspired by the hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s and its this style which is the base for all dress influences in Ibiza. The Video below showcases Adlib design.

It features natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk and was created in 1971 by Princess Smilja Mihailovitch. It reflects a deconstructed but elegant style, liberating women from the dress codes that conservative society dictated they should wear. It was created to inspire women to be more aware of the natural curves of their bodies and to dress to suit their own individual lifestyles. The Ibiza Adlib style is still prevalent today and popular with the local community and Spanish population. Every year Ibiza welcomes the best Adlib fashion designers to the Island to showcase new collections.

The Clubs are equally liberal with dress codes. Pacha would be the most stylish and Glamours in Ibiza and designer labels are popular there, especially in the VIP areas. All of the Ibiza clubs like to see individuality and flamboyant outfits but always remember to dress for the heat and comfort with footwear. High heels are popular but if dancing for long periods they will hurt, so most girls bring a pair of flats to change into when their feet start to hurt. Sneakers and runners are permitted in clubs. Beachware is not allowed , neither are shorts above the knee for men, 3/4 length shorts are fine. For guys jeans and styled T Shirts are popular as are linen shorts and trousers. Ladies (and men) love their make up in Ibiza so feel free to use as much as you want. Here is an informative Article written on 2013 current trends for the ladies

In the months of July and August it is very hot and humid so at night air con is a necessity. In May, early June and mid to late September, is it advisable to bring a light jacket, cardigan, or pullover for night time as it can get a little chilly due to offshore breezes. Each nationality and culture will have their own individual style of clothing. I would advise that each person brings to Ibiza their own style and try, if possible, to blend it in with the casual and loose feel of Adlib Ibiza. Stay away from socks with flip flops, muffin tops and Ben Sherman shirts, and you will be fine.

One vital piece of fashion accessory are Sunglasses. In Ibiza the bigger the better seem to be the trend but cool, designer label sunglasses will always earn respect. A person can nearly dress around sunglasses that’s how important a practical fashion accessory they are on the Island.

In the classic words of Kurt Cobain “Come as you are… as a friend…. the choice is yours”

Here is an example of the Adlib/Boho/Hippy style in bags, boots and accessories. www.07800ibiza.com

The above video gives an idea of what people wear in Ibiza clubs. Notice how people dress in loose clothing that is both practicals and easy to wear in the hot heat and humidity of the Island. The Clubs are always very hot and humid especially on the bigger nights.