The first big news story to break in Ibiza this year was the announcement by Richie Hawtin that he would not be returning to Space with his Enter party. We have discussed the reasons behind that move in an earlier blog and as the world moves on, the Ibiza faithful are now asking what will replace Enter on Thursdays this summer in Playa den Bossa. Whispers are now starting to suggest that Thursday nights will have a brand new, techno flavored party residing at Space as it embarks on its final voyage in 2016.

We all know that the Matutes family will take back ownership of the site in 2017 and it will then become a horse of a completely different colour. Word on the ground in Ibiza is that Ushuaia already know what they are going to do with the old conference center and it will have a new name and concept not related to the old Space. Due to the local sensitivities surrounding the takeover, there is very little information being leaked about the new Ushuaia project at Space. The blog understands that Ushuaia may retain one or two Space parties as the future of Pepe Rosello’s Space project is unknown.

space ibiza 1It is highly unlikely that Space will move to another club as the recent “death at 27” posters released by them suggest its not going to be alive in 2017. ¬†Business is business in Ibiza so promoters already in-situ at Space will be eyeing up Ushuaia as a long term option. With Ushuaia’s preference for Spanish parties, the smart money will be on Elrow to associate with the Matutes brand. The new Thursday Night party is rumoured to be connected to a trendy festival in Barcelona, so that would also be tipped to transfer to Ushuaia. I can also see a premier Gay party wanting to associate with the new project and SupermartXe would be a fancied contender for that slot. As money is no object at Ushuaia, I would also tip Marco Carola for a move to the new concept in 2017. Stay tuned for more news coming soon.