West End Warriors.

A creative and entertaining app, designed around the West End of San An and the “species of scumbags that plague its fresh Mediterranean air with their foul language and stale odors” has become an underground hit in Ibiza. Westend Warriors Ibiza was designed by a young Londoner named Finn Pearson Mcmanus after he became disillusioned with the cheap, neon lit streets of the notorious West End of San Antonio. Finn’s alter ego, Don Simone, is portrayed as the vigilante hero in this fighting game, exterminating scumbags as he patrols the West Ends main drag. Don Simon has to fight his way through obstacles such as vomit, annoying PR’s, prostitutes, Guardia Civil traffic, pestering Looky Looky men carrying Lidl bags and streets strewn with rubbish.

Finn P McManus

The game begins at the bottom of the West End, at the now closed Viva Club and ends at Revs bar at the top. As the player progress up along the street, familiar bars and clubs come into view. The player is encouraged to bring their “A Game” as this is “Ibeefa” and only the best make it to the top of the West End alive -but don’t be disheartened if you fail “as few make it through alone”. The apps designer Finn has been working in Ibiza for a number of seasons, regards himself as an Ibiza veteran and is well known on the workers circuit where the game has become an underground hit. The designer deserves credit for producing a unique game with lots of attention to detail, underground graphics and a tacky feel that reflects its subject matter accurately. It is good to see that Ibiza still nurtures creativity even in the most unlikeliest of places. The designer has put together a tight little app that is sure to give hours of fun and pleasure. It suffers from adverts but that is expected from a free app which can be downloaded from the iTunes Apps Store now.