Perfect. You have optimized your website correctly with well written URL addresses and metatags. Then you created the clever and intuitive titles that enticed the potential customer to click on your domain address. They are now brought to the landing page of your website. This is your online shop window and it should load fast, look clean, professional and with all your key Unique Selling Points on view. Like a shop on a high street, it should lead the visitor in with neat and eye catching displays of your product, priced to entice. Easy Navigation is one of the most important components to any website design as it is the factor that will convert the visitor to a customer or client.

A valuable online metric that all website owners should be aware of, is the one which concludes that if a visitor cannot find what they are looking for in three clicks, then they leave and search the next website. Online customers are fickle and constantly browse searching for information while researching a product. They dart about the internet and have little patience to hang around a website that is difficult to navigate. It is like leaving a customer unattended in a shop. They just leave and go to one that is waiting to serve them with easy to find product information and reviews on the product or service they are searching to buy. We understand the habits of online customers and we can help build a landing page that communicates on first impression,  the unique selling points of your business.