All of the big clubs in Ibiza reserve a considerable area of their club for well heeled guests who like to dance, party and socialise in comfortable surroundings. In Ibiza, VIP is big buisness and a club can earn huge profits in this area.

To book a VIP table with a particular club, a person first has to make a deposit with a credit card of about €50 per person. Then there is a minimum spend of anything between 200-600 depending on the club and the popularity of the event booked.

Drinks in the VIP area are expensive, ranging from €20 for a straight spirit and mixer, right up to €2000 for a bottle of Champagne. A bottle of spirits will cost in the region of €350-€600 and the majority of tables will have waitress service.

The best tables in VIP (overlooking the dancefloor) are usually booked out a year in advance, but there is always one or two kept for late arrivals, but a person would have to be a celebrity or own a small country to secure one.

A credit or debit card is required, and may be requested to be left behind the bar while a tab is opened.