As we near the closing party season in Ibiza and with the summer making its final call on the island, we look back at the music that made the beautiful Mediterranean island that is Ibiza so special once again. Cast aside all the bullshit, bling and commercialism and you will discover that the magic of Ibiza lies in her ability to nurture and enjoy music. For this is what Ibiza is all about – simply the music and our enjoyment of it in a free and open society. Everybody is invited to dance in Ibiza, to leave troubles at home, throw hands in the air and be free to dance under the stars to a memorable summer soundtrack that brings warm memories to us in deepest winter. Music is food for the soul and Ibiza serves it up 24 hours around the clock. The below six tracks are a selection of what I feel was the sound of Ibiza 2014 Top Tunes. I will select one as Tune of the summer when we announce the DannykayIbiza Awards in October.

 The first track to make an impression at this years Opening parties in Ibiza was the Maceo Plex remix of Crossfade from GusGus. With its distinctive Maceo Plex fingerprint this track represents the heavy base sound that the island loves.

Decided to slip this track in at the last minute as it was very popular in Ibiza this summer. Received lots of support from a number of DJ’s and was rinsed all over the island, so much so that it was overplayed. Worthy of inclusion as it was on most DJ’s play lists this summer – Ten Walls Walking With Elephants

 One of the most popular tunes that was played everywhere from bars to clubs this year was Patrick Toppings Forget. From the trendy Hot Creations stable It first emerged in June and soon gathered pace to become a big hit on the island across a broad spectrum of venues.

 Next up is a tune that is fresh and funky and represents a sound of Ibiza that we all love, Disco House. From the classic Defected Label who had a successful season at Booom Oliver $ and Jimi Jules Pushing On is last summers Storm Queen and is sure to be a similar big hit on the charts with its clever video.

 Every year Ibiza seems to throw up a track that is different and has a unique sound to it and this summer we were blessed to have the excellent Bullit from Watermarc arrive on our shores. What can you say about this special track whose structure is both simple and complex at the same time. A breath of fresh air but where do you label it? Deep House? I don’t think so…..I feel Bullit it one of those rare tracks that stands alone as an original creation……

 Maceo Plex was the DJ with his finger firmly on the pulse of the sound of Ibiza this summer. His highlight in my opinion was Conjour Baleria which went off all across the island especially at the min tech parties where it was huge. His remix of Heads Above, Whomadewho, was also big and worthy of a mention.

 Last but not least is the smoothest sound of the summer and it came from Canadian Composer Caribou. His Cant Do Without You was one of those uplifting happy tracks that summer in Ibiza should always be about. Below is the original version of the track but also check out the Tale Of Us and Mano Le Tough remix which was receiving a lot of airplay also but I prefer the original. Check out who who won our Top Ibiza Track Award here