The “Ibiza scandal that’s rocked the clubbing world” screams the Headline in a well know industry music mag. For a start its not a scandal, its simply business, Ibiza style. Its takes a rather resilient type of person to survive the shark invested waters that surround the Ibiza clubbing scene, and as Ibiza scandals go, this one would languish in the fourth division of the English league. I have the height of respect for musical pioneers like Darren Hughes, Danny Gould, David Vincent and Andy McKay, who influenced the Ibiza scene with their passion and drive to create something special and We Love was special. It was a Sunday institution on the island. As the local community trundled into whitewashed Churchs, thousands of British clubbers were paying their respect to We Love at Space. Its halcyon era was the free, summer days that filled the years between 1999 and 2006, when the terrace was the place to be. My memories of those fuzzy mornings that turned into sweet sunset evenings, are warm and enduring. But I digress.

Ibiza has grown up a lot since those innocent times. Parties were there for fun and the music first, not always to make money. That all began to change when “brand” Ibiza became relevant and valuable in the music industry and a new generation of Ibicenco businessman felt they were well able to promote parties by themselves. One really has to understand how business works in Ibiza to get a grasp on this story. The people that are complaining the most are the ones who may want to ask themselves why doors are been closed and privileges revoked. I don’t want to write about the politics and the reasons behind the demise of We Love, as I prefer to remember it for the good times, not the bad. All I can say with certainty, is that there are two sides to this story, and we are only hearing one.

Respect for people is the cornerstone of good communication and I have the utmost of it for Pepe Rosello and the house of music that he built, Space. The man would not trade under another banner unless he felt he had a right to do so, as he is an honorable person. We Love was a joint production between Space and the talented team that worked alongside Darren Hughes. It was a beautiful marriage that is now sadly divorced. Both sides have gone their separate ways and best of luck to them, nothing is stopping Hughes relaunching his version of We Love at another venue but one would have to question the wisdom of its move to Sankeys last year. Pepe Rosello has been wronged by other people also, but I have learnt down through my years on the island that this, however tough it may seem, is just business, Ibiza style. Lets leave the bitterness behind and enjoy for the final time, that special smiley feeling the Space Sunday terrace gave us. In the words of Daft Punk, lets celebrate and dance so free….. One More Time.