While she may be entitled to a scoop of his fortune, Cathy Guetta, has not picked up any of her ex husband’s smarts on how to do business in Ibiza. The Senegalese born socialite and businesswoman, recently opened an exclusive Beach Club in Ibiza called Bagatelle on a previously quiet beach known as Cala Moli. The caviller move has angered local residents who rightly claim the area is not equipped to handle the extra traffic and footfall that her upmarket franchise will attract. Last week, local police were called out to a VIP Bastille Day party at Bagatelle after receiving noise pollution complaints from neighbours. The party was shut down for a time after it was found that its terrace speaker decibel levels were outside the parameters permitted by law.

Her embarrassing encounter on French Independence Day, was not the first time that the Fuck Me Im Famous star has fallen foul of local authority in Ibiza. A conversion of her villa basement into a nightclub was found not to have the required planning permission, a faux pas that local Government frowns upon. The infamous demolition of Michael Cretus Ibiza mansion due to unlicensed building work, is an example of how serious local officials regard abuse of planning laws.  In contrast, her ex Husband is known for his Midas touch on the island, which kick started his career in the music industry as a promoter for Daft Punk back in 1997.

He landed his first DJ job at Pacha receiving the princely sum of €150 per night. Mr Guetta is treated like a superstar on the island and the locals admire his professionalism and friendly nature. Today Guetta holds down two residencies in Ibiza, one at the powerful Matutes family owned Ushuaia Beach Club, and the other at Pacha, where its ex owner Ricardo Urgell claimed in a newspaper interview, that he was paying Guetta €150,000 per night to keep him at the iconic venue celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer.

The Golden Rule of doing business in Ibiza is not to upset your neighbours and to make an effort at respecting and interacting with the local culture. Ms Guetta blundering actions to date will not endear her to an island that remains in love with her ex husband and she will need to make serious amends if Bagatelle is to be a successful venture in Cala Moli. One gets the feeling there is room for only one Guetta celebrity on the island of Ibiza and it would not take Sherlock Holmes to deduce which of the two feuding Guetta’s is destined to walk the plank.