Cova Santa Outdoor Terrace.

When I arrive in Ibiza, one of my favorite drives is the one from Ibiza airport to San Antonio, travelling along the San Jose country road. It always brings a smile to my face, as it encapsulates a lot of what is special about the island, its beautiful countryside, cliffs, woods, traditional villages, beaches, sea views and sunset. At the 8K marker, there is a turn to the left, signposted Sa Caleta beach and perched on a height, overlooking the road is a place called Cova Santa. It has an interesting and rich history, having been discovered in the 15th century and first used as a pirate cave. It’s impressive interior was a home to holy men and cultures seeking refuge within its safe walls. It was one of the islands main tourist attractions in the 1950’s and housed deep inside its cool rock, is found one of the best wine cellars in the Balearic Islands. As a tourist attraction, a restaurant and large carpark was developed and at one stage, an adult burlesque styled show performed there. Its a stunning venue, probably the islands best, as it has its own indoor club, outdoor terrace and natural atmosphere. When Amnesia bought it in 2001, they could see the huge potential it offered.

In 2012, Cova Santa, hosted the first Music On after party of that season. It was a big success. Last season two more occurred, with a near 3000 people attending the one on September 28th. Its a country area, and similar to La Gala (Zoo Project), it is not equipped to deal with the sudden influx of so many people. Cars were parked all over the place and neighbors complained of anti-social behavior and excessive noise coming from the venue. In Ibiza, the Golden Rule is not to upset your neighbors, tourists may find this unusual but local civil government, especially a socialist one, will protect this value as a pillar of their society. Amnesia claimed that they did not break any rules and the Sant Josep council decided that a sound limiter would have to installed at the premises to measure future sound decibel readings. It did not go as far to close it, as Amnesia were quick to point the finger towards Ushuaia and its rather loud sound volume that can be heard on the far side of Dalt Villa at Puig De Moulins and in many cases that I have witnessed, after midnight. Playa Den Bossa resides in the same municipal council area as Sa Cova, so whats good for the goose, is good for the gander when it comes to the law and its enforcement.

Inside Club Cova Santa

According to Amnesia, Sa Cova will be “a place for the next seasons” referring to 2014 and beyond. With a liberal and pro business government in place, a suitable environment is present to slowly start to establish the venue, but within the laws, something that Amnesia are very keen to protect and ensure. Already there are rumours of some exciting parties lined up for the venue, none more so than the one that suggests the Diynamic party, may find a new home there. Diynamic would not have departed Sankeys without secure tenure for this season and Amnesia are emerging as the favorites to sign them. The Diynamic sound is suited to a daytime party and that is what Cova Santa will be providing, a party kicking off in the afternoon and finishing at midnight. Cova Santa lost its way in the early 90’s and its sad to see such a beautiful venue laying idle. Hopefully the owners Amnesia will re-kindle the venue with taste and respect to the environment that surrounds it, as Cova Santa is a special place.

UPDATE 5/4/14 Luciano confirms 6 Origins day parties at Cova Santa for Ibiza 2014 read more here
6 parties for Luciano @CovaSantaIbiza July 2,16,30, August 6, 20, and closing September 10 for #Ibiza2014