Ricardo Urgell owner of Pacha

To understand Pacha, a person needs to have some knowledge of Ibiza and its culture. While its cherry logo may be instantly recognised, its true personality, like many on the Island, is veiled behind a well kept image of business like hospitality. The Island of Ibiza, to many holidaymakers, is seen as a stage for people to have fun. Understandably, some are too busy partying and enjoying their valuable holiday time, to notice the people that work behind the scenes. Ibiza is very much a reflection of the people that live there and make it their home. A sunny outlook on life, the need to enjoy the moment to its fullest, and a family ethos, are traits associated with the Spanish culture in general. Pacha, while not indigenous, is still regarded as the flagship symbol, of Ibicenco style and identity. Its owner Ricardo Urgell, at the age of 76, commands much respect on the Island. His club, is Ibiza’s best loved Club, the others may be popular, but Pacha is special.

The term “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” is a well known Spanish saying, that means my home is your home. Its linked to family, a gesture of respect and hospitality. When inside the house of the host, a guest enjoys the unique personal style and hospitality of its owner. To be true to ones identity, a home should reflect the emotions of character and things that are personally held dear. While it is easy to take an eye of the ball, amid the trappings of success, we should always try to protect what is important to our identity, as we may loose our way without it. Ricardo Urgell, on the evidence of recent events, seems intent that his house, the one that was built to project his vision, returns to its original ethos. When Urgell first opened Pacha in 1973, Ibiza and the World was a different place. Free love, peace and good times were in vogue, the artists and hippies, were Ibiza’s main tourists. People had more time to connect with each other on a personal basis rather than what mainstream society told them to do. People danced and socialised to 300 watts of power, rather than the 80,000 watts that are in the club today. In a recent interview Urgell stated “I am more worried about the ways the new generation connect with each other in order to have fun”.

It is reassuring, that in these troubled times, people are reconnecting with things that are real, going back to basics and understanding that there is more to life than the pursuit of financial gain. Substance over image, is where Pacha Ibiza may now be heading and I truly hope that Ricardo Urgell will ensure that Pacha will reflect its traditional values, the ones that made it famous worldwide. Let Lio cater to the VIP’s but allow Pacha return to the people where it belongs. Musically, expect more organic parties and less of  the imported variety. I expect David Guetta to remain as will Subliminal, Flower Power and if they ever get tired of Privilege, Elrow, would be a perfect fit for Pacha’s new direction.