Es Vedra Ibiza

My love for Ibiza is connected to what is known as the Real Ibiza. The common perception of the Island, to people who have not visited Ibiza, is one of hedonistic partying, associated with the clubs and dance music. While this perception is valid in certain areas, it does not represent Ibiza as a whole. About 20% of the Islands tourism industry is directly related to the Clubbing sector, the rest is made up of holidaymakers there for a range of other reasons mostly associated with the Islands natural beauty and warm hospitality of the local Ibicenco people. This is what the Real Ibiza is all about.

Mediterranean style food bursting with flavours and the fresh taste of the sea, small and intimate beaches known as a Cala, a tapestry of heritage enriched by over six civilisations and an undercurrent or sense of a unique energy which belongs to the soul of the Island. Not all connect with this energy, there are no signposts pointing to its location, its an element that each person has to find by themselves. In today’s busy, modern lifestyle, it is easy for the mind to be blinkered. To discover the real Ibiza, the person has to be open and free of distraction. To stop being engrossed in the movie that is our modern life, a person needs to pull themselves away from the screen to see what is around them. A world not associated with commercialism and material gain, a place where harmony and balance is important.

Thankfully the Real Ibiza can still be found. Commercialism continues to encroach on its environment but there are still people willing to fight to protect the Island from corporate greed. It is an ongoing crusade to protect its natural beauty from development. The people who belong to the spirit of Real Ibiza are independent and free minded individuals in tune with their surroundings. Some may refer to them as Hippies but that term would categorise and stereotype and that would not be true in context. They are individuals content and at peace with who they are, having found a place that they are happy to call their spiritual home.

Puig Des Molins Burial Chamber 400BC

The mighty Carthaginians revered the Island as a Holy place. They buried their Royalty at Puig Des Moulins (city of the dead) on the slopes of Ibiza Town, as the Island was considered a gateway to the next life. There are many more historical and present day examples of the high regard that the Island is held in. If a person wants to discover the Real Ibiza its best to take your time and connect with it. Outside the busy tourist months of July and August, is a good time to try. Connect first with local people and hotels they can point a person in the right direction if asked. When in Ibiza, try to open the senses a little more, because in the words of Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. If you are a person who is already drawn to the Island each summer, then you may have already started the journey.