The Lost Beach Of Ibiza

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There are many pirate stories associated with the island of Ibiza, but the one related to a famous beach, now lost to the local community, is most interesting. In the 16th century, the Mediterranean seas around Ibiza were full of Galleons, Warships, Galleys and Pirate Sloops. The Spanish were fighting the Ottoman Empire which forged an unholy alliance with the French battling for supremacy of the seas.

Christian Ibiza, flying the Catalan Flag of Aragon, was frequently attacked by the notorious King Of The Barbary Pirates, Barbarossa, who ruled the seas for the Ottoman Empire. On October 12, 1543, a fleet of Barbarossa’s ships attacked Santa Eularia raping and pillaging for days. Barbarossa lent his name to the island’s most famous brand when Ricardo Urgell used his Pasha Of Algeris title to christen the club in 1973. The round stone towers built around the island’s coast were early warning systems designed to alert the local population of impending Pirate raids. It was not until the Catalans built the impressive walls and fortifications around Dalt Villa in 1585, forty years after the death of Barbarossa, that Ibiza offered real protection to its citizens.

It was a Pirate ship that sunk, laden with treasure, coins and jewels in the port of Ibiza that lent the now-lost beach its name. Platja des Duros was a popular community beach located not far from the Ibiza Corso Hotel. Local folklore tells the story that when the treasure was lost to the sea, storms and strong currents would occasionally wash up lighter jewels and coins onto the only beach in Ibiza port. The majority of the coins were Duros, five peseta pieces, thus lending the 110-meter-long beach its name. It was known for its crystal clear waters and spectacular views of Dalt Vila. It also had a nudist area tucked away in its furthest corner.

Fond Memories

Platja des Duros was lost when the new road built to service the Ferry Terminals claimed much of the beach. The remaining part to the south was taken when the Marina Botafoc port development was constructed to cater to a fleet of luxury yachts. The Lost Beach Of Ibiza is still fondly remembered by locals and tourists for the many happy memories it created for those who visited the place and experienced its simple pleasures.

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