The Famous White House Villa Ibiza

Fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional Hotel or Apartment, the hiring of a Villa in Ibiza is a worth while experience to consider. The private Villa rental market is a lucrative one and only recently are there moves to try and regulate the industry in some way, as they are unpopular with the Islands strong Hotelier lobby group, who perceive private villa owners earning large profits with minimal overheads. Local resident associations keep a close eye on them also, and will contact the local police if noise levels persist after midnight.

Party Villas are difficult to find, as owners do not welcome the unwanted attention from peace loving neighbors, who will contact the police before they knock on the door to ask for they music to be turned down. Most of the best Party Villas are owned privately and are rarely rented out to the public. Still, there are a few to rent but they book out quickly.

Location Location Location. A vital factor to consider when renting a villa in Ibiza. Most Villas are located in quiet countryside areas where peace and relaxation is the order of the day. While this may sound idyllic it does come with its disadvantages, mainly with regard to transportation. It is very difficult to locate a Taxi that will service a countryside villa, especially during peak hours or during the month of August. They are too busy picking up easy fares in town rather than wasting their time trying to find a villa up some small dirt camino. Always try to locate a villa in a small village or near a main road or bus link. Its also an advantage to rent on the west coast so that views of sunset can be enjoyed. For persons wanting a villa near good restaurants, clubs and bars then the San Joseph, San Rafel and San Antonio areas are good locations. The north of the island is total solitude and would suit persons wanting to get away from it all while not straying too far from the villa. A car is essential in the majority of villa rentals to pop out for lunch or visit some of the excellent nearby beaches especially in the north of the Island.

The Stunning Casa Inspiration Es Vedra Ibiza

A minimum 50% deposit of the full cost of rental, is normal procedure in Ibiza along with a bond to cover any breakages. It is normal for most people to be apprehensive when paying a large amount of cash upfront to a person they have never met before, so always try to book through an established website with a track record in villa rentals. They do not want they bad publicity of dodgy rentals as their reputation would be dented. I have used in the past. Also a good sign is a Villa that has been up on site for a number of years, as this demonstrates reliability. Another is a bank A/C located on the Island. In most cases Villas rent from Saturday to Saturday and do not rent nightly. There are a few exceptions,mainly in off peak times. Arrival time is 4pm and departure time is 12pm. This gives the villa owner 4 hours to clean the premises.

Owners on site. A number of villa rentals are by owners whose home it is outside of the holiday rental season. They live onsite or in a nearby apartment. There are plus and negative points to this situation, with security being the major plus point and lack of privacy being the main negative one. Its up to each individual to decide which one is more important to them. In my experience I have found the on site owners to be a useful addition to have around the place for advice and their local knowledge of the area. Most are discreet and will allow their tenants to get on with their holiday and enjoy themselves. Once again its important to communicate early and inform the on site owner if contact is appreciated or not.

The Best Villas always book out early, in some cases 12 months in advance, especially for the month of August. So to ensure a good villa it is advisable to book as soon as possible.

Isla De Sa Ferradura Puerto San Miguel 25,000 a week.

Rental charges range from €1000 a week right up to €25,000 depending on the size, quality and location of the Villa.

Noise pollution laws ensure that all outdoor music on the Island has to stop by midnight. Music can be then played at a lower level indoors until 4am.