French artist and Ibiza resident, Dominique Hanson, is currently holding an exhibition of his art entitled World Esoterism and Ibiza History at the Jesus Cultural Center located not too far from Nobu Hotel. The artist whose work includes the illuminating, The Human Galaxy, a visual guide to the understanding of life which took Hanson 3 years to paint. It is an impressive piece of work that is well worth checking out, with its many mysterious references that questions what we take as truth today. The exhibition also features the work of contemporary artist Jan Telting and runs to June 27.

One states that it was not Christopher Columbus that first discovered the Americas, there were many cultures there before him including the Egyptians and Irish monks. There are many more interesting explanations and unknown tales that support Swanson’s understanding of life contained in the painting which is on display until the end of the month. The artist will conduct private viewings of the art which is currently for sale.

Also on exhibition is Hanson’s well known History of Ibiza series, 20 individual paintings that chart landmark moments in the islands rich cultural history. Swanson’s painting style very much reflects the islands diversity and non conformist thinking and Dominique who is a Frenchman by birth certainly has a bohemian style about himself.  The History Of Ibiza poster is a cool collectors item and is available for sale in selected shops on the island. Full contact details and portfolios of Dominique’s work can be found by visiting his website