Local Police apprehend suspects

A well known tourist trap on the streets of Ibiza, is the hustle by certain African street vendors, who will try to place a bracelet on the hand of an unsuspecting tourist while accomplices pickpocket the distracted victim. In recent weeks local Police have clamped down on the practice by arresting a number of Senegalese women who were under surveillance as they targeted tourists with the scam. Once a person makes eye contact or engages with the mainly female con artists, a bracelet is immediately placed on the marks wrist. They then start to demand payment for the bracelet, sometimes in the region of €20 and will continue to intimidate the mark until they sucumbe to the pressure and threatening atmosphere, as more than two or three accomplices surround the victim. Many tourists just pay to get away from them, others will also find that they were pick pocketed as they were surrounded by the group. In these type of situations its always best to say no thank you when approached, avoid eye contact and keep walking. Any engagement with the scamsters is seen as a sign of weakness and they will target the victim instantly.