While many parties in Ibiza right now are unsure about their future, one that is going from strength to strength is Do Not Sleep. After four seasons on the road, including the notable distinction as the last party to host the iconic Space Terrace back in 2016, Do Not Sleep returns to Amnesia next season for its fifth anniversary on the island. Having attended the DNS Closing party in September,  I got to witness first hand what everybody was talking about, the emergence of DNS as one of the big players on the Ibiza club scene after breathing a new lease of life into the main room at Amnesia on Thursday nights which had sadly stagnated during the final years of Cream.

A scene from a killer DNS Closing party at Amnesia 2018

To experience a tight team of DJ’s play to a crowd in such an organic and free flowing manner, was a pleasure to watch and it’s more of these type of parties that Ibiza needs right now, not less. Strip away all the bullshit and keep it about the music and the people  – simplicity has long been the ultimate sophistication in Ibiza. Both DNS and Abode did a fine job promoting the event but by mid season, word on the street was that DNS was smashing it in the main room. Doubt now surrounds the return of Abode which may be better suited to a room not as big as the Amnesia terrace. With Marco Carola and Music On expected to remain at Amnesia for another season at least, and fake stories that the club is to be sold discounted, we are confident that Amnesia will be fighting fit next summer.