Inspired by another two weeks of Lockdown due to the Covid 19 crisis, I have selected 10 movies and short films that reflect the island of Ibiza through its warm character and natural beauty. From cheap reality TV, to classic directors like Orson Wells, Ibiza has been photographed for seventy years. The selections, in my opinion, reflect the diversity of the film makers that have reflected the island through their camera lenses. I hope you enjoy, all the movies, except for Ibiza The Silent Movie all are available for free view on Youtube.

More (1969)

Shot through a loving lens by cult film director, Barbet Schroder, More was filmed on location in Ibiza in 1968, just as the jazz loving Beatnick era was being replaced by the free loving hippy culture on the island.  The cinematography is raw and natural and is accompanied by a Pink Flyod soundtrack that was recorded in Formentera while the band resided there during the pysedelic era. More tells a story of Heroin addiction and its effects on a couple living the Ibiza dream over 50 years ago. 

F Is For Fake (1973)

“Ladies and Gentlemen, by way of introduction, this is a film about trickery, fraud, about lies – on an island in the sun where restless souls find themselves” “words by the renowned film director Orson Wells, about his fascinating movie, Fake, which was shot in Ibiza in 1972, capturing the islands social scene through the eyes of notorious “charlatans” Cliff Irving and the Worlds greatest art forger, Elmyr de Hory, which sparked an international scandal, connected to American Billionaire Howard Hughes.

A Night With Manumission 1998

An organic, behind the scenes documentary, following Mike and Claire McKay as they host the infamous Manumission Party, which featured live sex scenes and wild, hedonistic partying on the island of Ibiza. To date, no party has captured the magic that Manumission created at Privilege and this fly on the wall documentary captures the essence of the party. back then. The more stylish and artistic Manumission Movie is worth checking out too.

Ibiza Uncovered Series 1997

The Sky TV series that helped shape a warped image of the island to a certain generation of British Holidaymaker. It was shot in 97 at the beginning of the reality TV show era that spawned a hundred similar TV shows, which exploited people under the infulence of alcohol, drugs and emotional stress.  Some memorable moments and a sweet,chilled soundtrack from a show that ran for seven series, shooting over 56 episodes. 

This Is Space Ibiza 2014

One of the better short films about the history and legacy of Pepe Rosellos Space, its 27 year mission, to bring freedom of expression and love to dance music culture. Space was more than just a building, it was a temple to dance where God was the DJ and dance music its gospel. Its high priest, Carl Cox, speaks with affection and love for a venue that meant so much to him and a generation of clubbers. 

The Balearic Sound Of Ibiza 2016

Produced by the Cafe Mambo social media team, directed by yours truly and featuring the camera and editing skills of Itoitz Guerrero Barbarin and Alba Haut, this beautifully shot short film, features Italian born DJ Pipi, who was a pivotal figuer during the birth of the Balearic scene on the island after Pacha headhunted the DJ in Berlin. He was the David Guetta of his day, thrilling clubbers with his 3 turntable simultaneous record spinning style.  

Ibiza The Silent Movie 2019

Director and Producer Julian Temples’ creativley produced documentary, tells a well observed story of Ibiza’s colourful history to date.  An under rated piece of work, that is clever in its conent delivery and appealing to its Instragram digital audience.  A fine piece of film making from the critically acclaimed director who executes a”silent movie” about Ibiza with intuitive aplomb.

Kevin & Perry Go Large

The comedy of Harry Enfiend is one of my favourite acts and in this coming of age movie set in Ibiza, he brings together a cast of well known comedians that have worked on his award winnig shows. There are some memorable scenes in the movie and its killer soundtrack, repersents a golden era of house and trance on the island near the turn of the millenium. 

Cala Nova - The Other Ibiza

An independant production that centers around the nomadic and artistic individuals that stay at Camping sites, a well kept secret on the island. Beautiful people, free thinkers, bohemian lifestyles, dancing and singing their way around the globe. Well worth a watch for a more organic perspective of Ibiza.

A Short Film About Chilling

“There are two worlds in Ibiza – their world ( the ibicencos) and the tourists” Ku promoter, Brasilo de Oliviera, the man responsible for introducing the street parades features in this very British orientated, clubbing documentary with a really cool soundtrack and nostalgic images of Ibiza from the late eighties.