Workers Union CNT Issue Strike Notice

An all out strike notice has been issued by the Spanish CNT Union to the socialist PSOE Government, and the date of Wednesday September 29th will witness many curtailments on all public services, including airports, buses and taxis.

There will be disruptions to flights and transport services in Ibiza and the mainland, so it is advisable that holidaymakers make alternative arrangements or contact their travel agents as soon as possible.

Deregulation of employment contracts, low pay and poor working conditions included in the Spanish Governments new Labor Reform Act, are perceived by the Unions to be too harsh. Hense their call for a nationwide strike and show of strength against the governments austerity proposals.

The strike will last just one day, but further official stoppages will most likely take place if the issues are not resolved. Unions have to give at least 10 days notice of any further strike action, and to date only September 29th is official.

The Unions have agreed to allow 20% of flights from Europe, 40% of flights from outside Europe and 50% of internal mainland flights into Spanish Airspace on the 29th.  Unfortunately, on ground services will be severely restricted, so even the flights that are permitted will be subjected to delays of some sort.

With ground services so curtailed  (particularity with baggage) it may be advisable to only carry hand luggage if intending to travel to Ibiza on the 29th.