As the Hï Ibiza marketing juggernaut rolls on with a number of big international EDM acts announced, the first underground name rumoured to be defecting to the new club is respected British DJ, Steve Lawler, whose career was nurtured on the Space ground that Hï Ibiza now sits on. He currently heads up the popular workers party Viva Warriors at Sankeys on Sundays but with Abode rumoured to be taking that slot, speculation on the island is mounting that Lawler will declare for Hï Ibiza on Thursdays.

Its a rumour that has raised quite a few eyebrows, especially with Lawlers core San An workers crowd, who travelled every Sunday to Sankeys to support the party which was loyal to the clubs underground music policy.  With Ushuaia’s penchant for creating new brands, its unlikely that Warriors will be the concept at Hï Ibiza, but with so many rumours floating around about the new club, its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff right now. Luciano has also been mentioned in dispatches for Thursdays at Hï, so maybe Lawler is being drafted in to add some credibility to the bill along with some other “underground” names.

If true, its a ballsy move for Lawler and one that is sure to give the Birmingham DJ some sleepless nights but can you mix such high end manufactured product with gritty underground attitude ? Ibiza has always been about experimenting, trying out new concepts and opening new markets and Hï Ibiza is clearly giving us that this summer. It all looks good in theory but will it deliver in practice, that is a question that will be answered in October. The team at Hï Ibiza seem to know what they are doing but Ibiza can be a cruel mistress at times and disrupt even the best laid plans. We wish all concerned bona sort for what is sure to be a groundbreaking Ibiza 2017 season.