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Stand and Deliver – A Feelgood Vegan Summer

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Written by Virginia Feelgood 

The strangest summer in modern history hit me with a telephone call.

Whilst contacting a friend who was holding an ’exposition’ in mid March 2020. I asked

“May I bring a guest tonight?”

“Haven’t you heard? Everything has been cancelled we are in lockdown” came the reply.

Thus began quite the oddest summer I have ever spent on this magic island. The first month, as I whittled away at pieces of work on my computer in the kitchen, the Ibiza farmers were wondering what to do with the crops they had been growing for the restaurants.

In the second month we were encouraged to buy local. The organic farms offered delivery services. We were asked to volunteer to help pick the crops as there was no money to pay wages. Local veggie boxes became the latest must have for those whose budget allowed.


 “we ‘ate-out-in’ as many times in a month as we would normally do in a whole season”

One of the greatest attractions of the island for me is the diversity of local produce. I love meeting people in the grounds of Tierra Masia when collecting my beautifully arranged bursting to the brim veggie box.

During lockdown it was even a much needed escape into flourishing nature in a time when going out was only allowed for groceries. What better way of getting fruit and vegetables than in such beautiful surroundings!

By the third month I was going cuisine crazy, having made every variation of veggies I could think of – several times.
So, when we realized there was a new ‘reliable/kosha’ delivery  service that had the likes of Bambuddha on it’s books available, we ‘ate-out-in’ as many times in a month as we would normally do in a whole season!

Some of our vegan and veggie favorites were/are

  • Tofu Curries and Pad Thai from Bambuddha
  • Black Bean Burrito, Haloumi chips with chips from Passion
  • Falafel Salad from Moos
  • Margheritta Pizza from Carpe Diem
  • Avocado everything from Avocado Queen

I am convinced that those restaurants who cater for ‘modern holistic health diets’ have had to take stand and offer deliveries in these turbulent times.

The speed and efficiency that this new service sprang up with was a timely reaction to the lockdown and I for one, would like to say well done Ibiza Runners!

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