A corporate battle is looming in Ibiza between Space promoter Pepe Rosello and the powerful Matutes group over the ownership of the Space brand. In a rare interview on Spanish TV ex PP Minister Abel Matutes snr, indicated that he would use the Space name on the multi million redevelopment of the old Space building which he owns in Playa den Bossa. Today the man who is the driving force behind the luxury vision for PDB, Abel Matutes Jnr, upped the stakes by reaffirming that the new club could retain the Space branding. Legally Pepe Rosello would appear to have solid ownership rights to the Space Ibiza trademark which his company controls. So with the valuable Space Ibiza name under lock and key what can the Matutes group call their new acquisition?

They could use a name like Space U or Space U Ibiza linking it up with their other businesses in the Matutes group. While this may be legally possible, Pepe Rosello could claim intellectual property rights to the Space title and block the move but that would involve a complex legal wrangle. The two sides have locked legal horns in the past with Pepe Rosello winning a court action against Ushuaia over the rights to use his carpark. Up to now the Matutes Group have played its cards very close to their chest and they are not know for saying things lightly, so their public kite flying on the future use of the Space name, is giving Pepe Rosello plenty of time to respond, if he chooses to.

At present two construction teams are working around the clock to have the new building ready for the opening of the 2017 season in late May. They have demolished the inside of the club and it will bear no resemblance to the old Space interior. Most likely it will copy the successful business model employed at Pacha, where VIP tables account for the vast majority of the clubs revenue. With radio silence emanating from Space Ibiza as to the future of their club, it would seem its all to play for in Ibiza right now and it is the Matutes group that have fired the first shot in what could be a protracted legal tussle between the two sides over the use of the iconic Space name and its intellectual property rights.