Why did Mickey Mouse go to Space? He was looking for Pluto. There were some comet book moments in Space this week, when the famous Bossa Club announced they were changing the date of their opening party from May 24 to Sunday May 31. The official reason the directors of Space gave for the last minute decision, was because of its clash with local and national elections due to be held on the same day, May 24. Space stated that the City Council “can not provide the required surveillance and security services” for such a big event that runs alongside an important polling day. While there are a few conspiracy theories floating around, none have the gravity to be taken seriously. Word on the ground in Ibiza is that it was a genuine mistake and the blog would tend to concur with this sentiment, as Space has previous form in dithering with its Opening party dates.

In 2013, Space told a website in Ibiza that its opening party would be May 26. It then withdrew that statement, saying that the party could be moved to a future date. Confusion was the order of the day until Space re-confirmed the original date. DJ contracts and availability of high profile artists was the rumour back then for the re-thinking of dates. I have a sneaky suspicion that factor may have contributed to this years rethink but that is just part of the speculation that surrounds the move which has inconvenienced the many clubbers who booked their weeks holiday around the Space opening date. While the Club is issuing refunds, the airlines and Hotels are already confirmed, so the majority that arrive for May 24 will not be around for the new date on May 31. Locals in Ibiza will testify that in Election year, nothing can be taken at face value.

Sadly, Space have let down their customers due to incompetence. We all make mistakes and to err is human, but Space needs to understand that they are also running a business and the change of date has impacted on their clients Holidays. In my opinion this is not right, as there are some things in working peoples lives that you don’t mess around with and one of them is their holiday time – a precious commodity to those who skimp and save to be able to travel to Ibiza each year. I have always found Ibicenco hospitality to be genuine, you pay your money and you get a good service. Space needs to do more to compensate the people who have lost out due to their mistake as the Space Opening is more than just a party – its a cultural institution. Lets hope the Directors at the award winning club, will make an honest effort, more than just a refund, to compensate their loyal customers who booked for May 24. Free bars and season tickets spring to mind.