Sankeys develops close relationship with Solomun

As nothing has been signed yet, one can only surmise and speculate, where last seasons hottest talent in Ibiza will reside in 2013. As a person, Bosnian born Malden Solomun, is reported to be a good, down to earth and grounded individual. At his stage in his career, his music is still more a passion than a business. While everybody on the Island will be falling over each other to secure the bragging rights of his rising talent, it is expected that, Malden Solomun will play it safe and avoid impulsive or premature moves. A weekly residency in Ibiza is hard work and judging by the amount of effort Solomun put into his Dynamic promotion at Sankeys last year, he will understand that spreading yourself too thin in Ibiza, may not be the sensible thing to do.

A move away from Sankeys, at this stage, would not be in his best interests longterm. He has built up a loyal fan base at Sankeys and as the nucleus of his Ibiza sound originated from there, it is an ideal “lab” for any DJ to experiment and develop in. He has a good working relationship with the clubs promoter David Vincent and Solomon is known to be loyal to people that have supported him in the past. What may happen at Sankeys, is that Solomon will move his party to another night, as industry sources suggest, that the Tuesday into Wednesday slot he occupied at Sankeys last season, is required by another club seeking his services. That venue is reported to be Ushuaia, as they seek a replacement for Swedish House Mafia. Some sort of involvement with Ushuaia would be the smart financial move for Solomun, as he builds his reputation and brand on the Island. All the best and most promising DJ’s, are usually courted by Ushuaia and it is hard to turn them down, as their impressive beach side venue is where its all happening in Ibiza at the present. It is reported that Ushuaia have serious ambitions and plans for the future, that will have a lasting impact on the clubbing landscape of the Island.

Solomun heading to Ushuaia?

Before anybody accuses me of trying to mislead kids into booking holidays based on fabrication, I would like to state that all the information contained in this blog, is just rumour and speculation at this stage and we strongly advise, that persons wanting to book a holiday in Ibiza around DJ residency dates, wait until official announcements are made by the clubs and respective artists. At present, delicate contractual negotiations are ongoing, but it is expected that the first official news of Solomuns residencies will be made in early February. It is also expected, that like last season, Solomun, will play some once off gigs for selected parties at Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege. Whatever route Solomun intends to take in Ibiza this season, we hope that he brings the same welcome breath of fresh air to the Island as he did last year. In conclusion, we forecast that Solomun will remain at Sankeys in 2013 but move to a different night and that, Ushuaia, will be his other main employer along with a number of once off, guest gigs, at other clubs.