Travel agents both in England and Ireland are whispering a substantial drop in buisness this season with just over 40% of their packages sold for summer 2011. One of the biggest High Street travel companies has circulated a memo to staff warning of the consequences of poor sales and a plan to try and kick start sales with further discounts and advertising.

Sales staff are reporting that customers are now becoming more computer literate and booking direct online, rather than using the traditional package method. Early morning and late night charter flights are not suiting families with young children so many are looking around for better flight time options. This in turn has led people to book direct with the hotel, cutting out the middleman and arranging transfers themselves.

In a tough economic climate, customers are now very price sensitive and if they do intend to take a holiday abroad, they are now looking at ways to save money. There are also rumors within the industry, that one well known High street company, may not be in buisness next year if sales do not improve. Expect to see a lot more discounts being offered in the near future for package holidays with the big players in the Holiday buisness.