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Sequin Kay Lights Up Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

As I sit under the bouganvilla shaded porch of a classic Ibicenco Finca, built in 1888 and now operating as an Agroturismo Hotel, a new generation of Ibiza Artist, who I am meeting to interview, walks in. It’s a hot day and the pool looks invitingly refreshing to Sequin Kay, who I had met for the first time the previous evening during her debut Ibiza exhibition at Atzaro.

It was an accomplished event, both artist and venue combining to create a magical evening of art, music, food and bubbling creativity, hosted al fresco in the organic Atzaro vegetable garden under the sparkly stars of the Morna Valley, located in the heart of the island. The Zodiac Exhibition was such a success that I did not get the opportunity to catch the artist to interview her on the night, due to the attractive energy, smile and style that so captivated her audience.


That style and personality was nurtured on the streets of Brixton where its multicultural mix found a receptive brush on her Irish Arabic skinned canvas. That warm bloodline allowed the artist to soak up the grounding culture of its vibrant community and it sustained and nurtured her identity to paint bright, colourful strokes that looked upwards to the skies. It was another famous Irish artist, Oscar Wilde that wrote “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars” and it’s that voyageristic spark that is very much present in Sequin Kay’s work.

The Zodiac Exhibition, Sequins’ glitzy interpretation of the 12 Zodiac signs, orbited the impressive Peace Pyramid which was centered in a large wooden domed structure with its pinnacle pointing towards the heavens. I have been to quite a few art exhibitions in Ibiza but what I experienced in Atzaro was something special, where all the elements came together as one. As if a homing beacon of rebirth and awakening was sent out to the Universe, amplified by the energy of the island.

Like Wilde, Sequin Kay had a Grá for parties and Ibiza called out her name at the age of 23.

Like many of us, memories of her first visit to the island were hazy, but she felt an instant connection to its sensual undercurrent, a Pandora’s Box of secrets. She is a person who sails on the breeze and wears her heart on her sleeve, and those types of souls tend to be natural empaths.

Ibiza seems not to have forgotten her, if the success of the Zodiac exhibition is anything to go by and the island has been successful in delaying her return to England with a number of missed flights already chalked up. Sequin is currently in the process of setting up a warehouse-styled space to house her art, an open university of free expression, where artists can create a vibration that identifies with a new dawn in the island’s psyche. 


The Zodiac Exhibition was Sequins’ farewell ode to materialism, an energy the island is certainly projecting right now, accepting those that resonate with it, whilst rejecting those who continue to worship the false gods of commercialism. I feel it’s no coincidence that she has found herself back on the island as Ibiza gathers an army of like minded individuals ready to paint a bright, new and sustainable vision for its future. 

The blog would like to thank Can Pere Lifestyle and Spa Agrotourismo for the location and Julien Sarkissian for photography. 

If you would like to support the artist and her work, please check out her Zodiac Collection that appeared at Atzaro now on sale via her website 

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