Robin Gibson Cala Hort Stone Stacks

I have been questioned on a few occasions, as to the significance of the stone stacks that dot the island in many places. Some can be small, others tall, and the piles come in all shapes and sizes. I was aware that they were connected to Hippy beliefs and understandings, as many are located in areas of special interest to that way of life. Ibiza was an important Hippy trail destination from the late 1950’s, when they first arrived on the Island. They were attracted by the natural beauty and unique energy of the land, along with the laid back and slow way of Ibicenco life. Hippy beliefs are closely associated with Buddhist and Zen teachings, where spirituality and a persons sense of being are explored in depth. Zen teachings try to disconnect the mind and the body from our soul or being. They believe, that it is only when we switch off our mind and body, that we can achieve true enlightenment. It is when we are free from the mind, that we are at our most creative and in balance with the energy of the earth and nature.

Stones and rocks are seen as conduits of the Earths energy and people who believe and understand this will select certain rocks and stones that they feel represent or attract their individual energy to them. This harmony will bring together and build the stone stack, and as its individual to each person, its like a calling card or marker to say that “I was Here”. It also allows the person to be creative and in doing so, trains them to disconnect from their mind and live in the moment.

Cala Hort road

The original Ibiza Hippy community and its way of life is all but gone now. Many of the people that were part of the beautiful and free experience that existed in the 70’s and 80’s, will say that it all started to change in the mid 90’s after the Day Of The Drums incident at Benirras Beach. The people that were responsible for bringing dance, music, freedom of thinking and happiness to Ibiza, are now an isolated and disperse community as its Nemesis, modern corporate society, encroaches on their environment.

Individually, many are resilient and tough and are beginning to adapt to the ever changing environment of Ibiza. In my opinion its important to the well being of the Island that they are allowed space to be themselves and within them, keep alive the real spirit of Ibiza.