I love small, quiet, intimate beaches, surrounded by pine trees and clear turquoise waters. I enjoy them for their character beauty and non commercial atmosphere. As with most things in life, you may have to work hard and go off the beaten track to find somewhere special.

The rewards are well worth the effort. Uncrowded, non touristy and without the ugly plastic sunbeds and parasols that people feel that they have to charge for their use. Simple thing to do is to pack your bag with water, beach towel, snacks and a good book and head down to your favorite beach for the day.

Here are some small beaches that wont be found in the Guidebooks;

Cala Gracionetta

A beautiful little gem near the neon flashing lights of San Antonio. Its a sister beach of its near neighbor Cala Gracio. Located near the Stella Maris and Fiesta Tanit Hotels, the beach has bar, restaurant and toilet facilities.

Sit on the rocks and watch the sun set, with a bottle of chilled vino and two glasses, which you can borrow from the restaurant on the beach.


Cala Saladita                                                                                             
A sister beach of the equally attractive Cala Salada, this small private beach is ideal for people who want to get away from it all. Hard to access, a person will have to climb rocks or swim from Salada bay to reach its sandy shores.

There are no facilities on this beach as its untouched by greedy commercial  fingers.                       
Rarely crowded. its very peaceful and relaxing.

Cala Des Multons. 
Found in the north western part of the Island very
near to the Puerto San Miguel beach, this small cove

is easy enough to get to.                                                     

Walk through a wooded mountain path for about 500m
before you descend to this intimate and small cove.

There is a small bar and restaurant that opens when
the owner feels like it. Friday evenings sometimes
sees a sardine BBQ  being served from its terrace.                                                                    

Cala Den Serra

A very picturesque bay at the norther tip of the Island.
Access is by a narrow and steep road that leads down

to a small and sandy beach.                                                    

A chiringito (restaurant) toilet facilities and sunbeds are

Well worth the considerable effort to find amid the unspoiled nature
of Northern Ibiza.   

Cala  Xarraca 

Another small beach found not too far from Cala Den Serra.
A beautiful bay with nearby mud baths and  fantastic clear waters
for snorkeling and swimming.

There is a restaurant well known for its fresh fish dishes owned
by the same family for 35 years.

Sit back and enjoy a cool drink with traditional Ibicenco Hospitality.

Cala Olivera

Cala Olivera Beach

Located in Roca Llisa near the tourist resort of Cala Llonga, this very intimate little beach is rarely crowded.  There is no commercialism of any kind and its truly quiet and peaceful all the time. Popular with naturists and locals, expect to see some discreet nudity from people more interested in an all over body tan rather than parading their wares.

Head out the Cala Llonga road and take the signposts for Roca Llisa. Go through the gates for the Roca Llisa resort and take the first left. Follow the dirt road down to the beach.