Luxury mega Yacht the Turama

A court in Ibiza has re opened a case where a young 20 year old model alleges that she was drugged and then sexually assaulted by a Saudi Prince at a party aboard a luxury yacht moored off the coast of Ibiza in 2008. On August 15th 2008, the young woman entered a police station in Ibiza Town to report the alleged assault. She accused Prince Al Waled Bin Talal, a nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, of sexually assaulting her while she was asleep on board the luxury yacht the Turama.

In 2010 an Ibiza court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a conviction but in May of this year, lawyers acting on behalf of the young woman, were successful in reopening the case and a summons for the Prince to answer court questions being issued. DNA evidence is now available as the model was examined by a doctor after the alleged assault and the Prince may be asked to give a sample of his DNA so as to eliminate him from their inquiries.

Lawyers for the Prince claim that there is no evidence to suggest that the Prince was any in way connected to the young model. They have asked the court to call as a witness, a 30 year old Spanish man, who they claim met the model in Ibiza town, invited her to El Divino nightclub and then brought her back to the private party on the Princes Yacht. The Prince is denying all claims made by the young model and maintains that he was in another country at the time of the incident. The summons for the Prince to answer the allegations by Judge Carmen Martin, was issued on September 3rd 2011.