Sasha Set For Sankeys Ibiza Residency.

A welcome breath of fresh air to the Ibiza Clubbing landscape, has been the emergence of the Playa Den Bossa Club, Sankeys. Last summer, heralded the clubs breakthrough on the Islands notoriously competitive underground scene. Ibiza is littered with the dashed dreams of many bright eyed, innocent promoters and Sankeys, teetered close to the abyss in 2011, as it struggled to capture the imagination of a fickle clubbing crowd. It fought back in 2012, to introduce the name of Solomon, as the hottest new DJ on the Island. Steve Lawler’s Viva Warriors night, along with the Carnival party, ensured a Man City style comeback for the club and its enigmatic manager, David Vincent. Like a modern day Willy Wonka, he holds the secret formulas to the most interesting flavoured parties for summer 2013. We take a look at what might be in store for the sweet lovers of Ibiza’s underground scene this summer season, which kicks off the last weekend in May.

Vincent, has successfully embraced the digital generation and his Facebook page interacts on a regular basis with its 18,000 fans, asking them for their opinions and views. In recent weeks, names of DJ’s and record labels, have been appearing on its Facebook page, more than a coincidence, as Sankeys had flagged that they would start announcing their 2013 Ibiza lineups, at the end of January. If these pointers turn out to be real, then names that look like they will be included on the Sankeys menu for 2013, include the exciting Hypercolour (voted Best British Label at the DJ Mag awards in December), Hotflush Recordings, Dirty Bird and the legend that is Sasha. Solomon, is tipped to remain at the club, along with Steve Lawler and Fuse. Danny Tenaglia, would be a welcome addition in Ibiza next summer, but that booking is still pending, as little has appeared about him, on any of the respected Ibiza grapevines for 2013.

Hypercolour Best British Label Award.

Hotflush creator Paul Rose, aka Scuba, is an artist that should be well suited to the underground vibe of Sankeys. His dark, techy sound, should feel right at home under the low ceiling, bass driven environment, of the Basement, the room that Steve Lawler so expertly utilised to his advantage last year. The well touted and critically acclaimed, Hypercolour, founded by the talented and industrious duo of Jamie Russell and Alex Jones, would be another coup for the club if they were to establish Sankeys, as their Ibiza base this summer. Sasha, would be the class that binds all the new signings together. Like an experienced midfielder, his touch is assured and instantly recognisable. A master at his craft, Sasha needs very little introduction and his sets at Ushuaia last season were well received on the Island. The above speculation should soon be put to bed, as promoters and clubs start to officially announce their dates. It should be another exciting year for Sankeys, as it builds on its success of 2012. It is strongly tipped, to be one of the trend setting underground clubs for Ibiza 2013 and a venue that will be attracting the crowds for the music and its real experience, rather that the fake, commercially hyped package offered by some. Below is a little flavour of the Hypercolour sound. Update 1/2/13 Sankeys officially announce first traunch of line ups for 2013.