The most iconic Ibiza party of recent times, Manumission, is tentatively edging closer to an Ibiza revival. The Blog understands that talks have taken place between the two McKay brothers, Andy and Mike, about the possibility of holding a 20th Anniversary celebration next year. The communication between the two previously estranged sides, will be seen as a big step forward and the first positive sign, that the party could be a runner for the future. While Mike and Claire have stated on Twitter that they are planning “something very special” for the 20th Anniversary of Manumission next year, Andy and Dawn, have not been so public on the issue recently. In an interview with the Blog in August 2011, Andy commented that Manumission “is still alive but shelved for now. If and when the time is right, I would like to see Manumission return in some format“. That right time could well be next season, as the party celebrates its 20th Anniversary and realistically, the occasion represents the best opportunity of its return.

For an official Manumission event to happen, both the McKay brothers would have to agree its format, one could not do it without the others approval. Up to this summer, it had appeared that Mike and Claire were not interested in its resurrection, as they released “Manumission is Dead, Viva Cinemission” posters in Ibiza and on social media platforms. After the failure of Cinemission to launch at Booom this season (which now looks a wise move) the pair are still in negotiations to launch a long awaited comeback. That comeback, if associated with the Manumission brand, could provide a spring board for future projects. Since its demise, the Manumission brand still enjoys a large amount of goodwill and respect, so the possibility of a comeback was always a runner. However, the break down in relations between the two McKay brothers, meant that the party was unlikely to happen until both sat back down to discuss it. News that lines of communication have been re-opened, will be welcomed by many in Ibiza, such is the respect both have earned on the island and abroad for themselves.

As always, delicate situations of this nature require safe hands, so there is some way to go before a Manumission return can become a reality. While it is moving in a forward direction, there are other commercial factors that might halt progress. One would suspect, that both sides realise that the window of opportunity to revive Manumission will not remain open forever and if it is to be grasped, it will have to be taken soon. The island as a whole, would benefit from a Manumission return, as the people associated with it, were true party hero’s in the spirit of the real Ibiza. If it were to happen, Privilege, would have to be the favoured venue as that is where the soul of the party resides. Manumission was the only party to really pack out the worlds biggest club and its unlikely that we will ever see its like again. Similar to all Ibiza icons, it was very much of its time, so how it would feel in today’s social climate is another factor that will have to be considered. From a nostalgic point of view, a 20th Anniversary party would most definitely attract the crowds and accompanied by the business and creative experience of the McKay brothers, it would not lack in potential. The Blog will be keeping a close eye on this story in the hope that it will develop a little more.