Swim Up Rooms at Ushuaia 

First off, forget about the reviews of this hotel from last year. It was brand new then and like any new hotel, suffered from teething problems. This season, its a much slicker and professional operation and management have rectified all the issues that arose from its first year. They now have an efficient grasp on what they are about and that is, a quality, adults only party hotel, with top notch facilities, food and VIP service.The Hotel is located directly across the road from Space Nightclub and on the beach at Playa Den Bossa. Beach side Day beds with service are complimentary to guests of the hotel, as is entry to the many high profile pool parties that the Hotel holds from 5pm to Midnight, five days a week. Guests also have access to a Gym with private trainer, saunas, steam rooms, spa, sushi restaurant and shops. The Hotel even has its own recording studio, where budding DJ’s can take private lessons or record a track. The rooms are compact but stylish and minimalistic. They have their own erotic packs, aromatherapy and lighting control that reflect the guests mood. When a guest wants to party, the mood of the room changes….when they want to relax and chill, the room mellows and the lighting and ambience changes. This is reflected from outside the room, on its neon lit door number, so that staff do no disturb when the room is showing a private or chilled colour. There is also a service hatch where staff can leave food and drinks without disturbing the guests or opening the door. Complete privacy when you may not be looking your best. The room is full of high tech audio and visual gadgets. The swim up rooms are located in a more chilled and relaxing area of the hotel, that is sound proofed by a 30m high living wall, that is full of individual potted plants. The swim up pool rooms even have an underwater sound system… Strange but true!!

Security at the Hotel is strict but professional. Guests are not bothered but protected from the big crowds that attend the many parties there. All access stairs to rooms are guarded, so than non residents cannot wander about. Guests can be invited back to rooms, as long as they are accompanied by a resident. The parties close at Midnight, due to open air noise regulation laws in Ibiza but the Hotel has its own private indoor club, that can hold about 500 people. Also there are many private parties in all the rooms and as its a party hotel, guests are allowed to do what they want in the privacy of their rooms.
Breakfast is taken on an open terrace and its available until mid day. There is a great buzz at breakfast as guests mingle and enjoy one of the best breakfast/brunch selections on the Island. Private gardens, VIP cabanas and decking all around the hotel, reflect a quality approach by management to everything at Ushuaia. What I saw was impressive and a sign of things to come in Ibiza.This is where its at on the Island at present. If you want to party 24 hours in a quality hotel with like minded guests, then Ushuaia is the place to be in Ibiza. Rooms may be expensive but the added extras you get in return are well worth it. VIP is well catered for so if you have cash to splash…. this is the place to be seen to do it!!