Reverend and The Makers

Happy Mondays, may have topped the bill at last nights Ibiza Rocks gig, but it was Sheffield based Inde Rock band, Reverend and The Makers, that impressed, with a fresh and punchy performance, that played homage to the Manchester sound of their iconic elders. Unfortunately, there was nothing fresh about the Happy Mondays, who routinely delivered a dull set arrangement, that failed to ignite the crowd. To further disappoint, the Mondays played for less than 50minutes, arriving on stage at 10.40, led by maracas wielding Bez, before prematurely ejecting at 11.25. They most probably were off to celebrate Shauns 50th birthday at midnight, in the company of Paul Oakenfold, who was present at the gig and had a special dedication made to him by Ryder. An impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday was also included, adding half a song to the already skinny eleven track set list. The last time Happy Mondays played Ibiza, back in 1999 at Manumission, it was a disaster, with Shaun Ryder doing a stand up joke routine as the backing tracks failed. Last nights performance was better, with Rowettas polished vocals being the highlight, but its clear now, that the band are only in it for the money these days; maybe they have learned something about the industry.  Reports of another lack luster performance at Mallorca Rocks the previous evening were also in circulation. As a Happy Monday fan, I left Ibiza Rocks feeling disappointed but happy that I discovered the sound of the Reverend, John McClure, who posses real presence as a front man. After their performance last night, Reverend and the Makers, deserve a shot at a headline gig for Ibiza Rocks next season. Below is one of my favourite tracks from last nights playlist. Silence is Talking, the video of which, was shot in Ibiza.