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Prydz Ibiza Number Rings Out

Prydz Ibiza Number Rings Out

As the first almond blossom blooms its radiant pink effervescence, the island of Ibiza begins to stir itself from winter hibernation. The hotel and clubbing industry, the two big players on the Balearic scene, have started to recruit staff and talent for the new Ibiza 2019 season. It’s a big year for a number of clubs on the island, namely Pacha, Privilege and Eden – two with uncertain futures and one on the way up. For the past number of years, Amnesia has been top of the clubbing pyramid, but following a well publicised raid by tax officers and the loss of two of its iconic parties, Cocoon and Cream, the San Rafael club is now competing with Hi for the accolade as Ibiza’s premier Club. Hi which was built on the sacred ground that was once Space, is the club set to make all the headlines this year. Before rumours of  Cocoon’s departure from Pacha leaked out, word that the islands favourite Frenchman, David Guetta, was transfering to Hi, were been whispered in the local cantinas.  The first official sign that the game was afoot was the announcement that Glitterbox was moving its Friday fixture, replacing the sour EDM mess of Cream on Sundays, the day nearest to the exit door and recycling bins at Hi. The club was officially preparing itself for the arrival of The King.


Prydz is expected to focus more on his Holo tour this summer.


Talk of what day Guetta will slot into at Hi, has now led to rumours that Swedish maestro, Eric Prydz, may not be resident at the club this summer. Unless he launches a brand new party, one would expect Guetta’s long running FMIF affair to slide into its traditional Thursday midweek slot at Hi, such is the power and infulence of the FMIF brand in Ibiza. Last season the Thursday date at Hi was held by the Italians, as the Tale Of Us hosted Afterlife party, brought a certain amount of street cred to the Playa den Bossa venue. Word on the ground in Milan, is that Karm and Matteo have secured the Tuesday night residency at Hi this summer, raising the question about Eric Prydz’s future at the Franco-Spanish owned club. Eric was the signing that made Hi stand out in its first season, he contributed much to the clubs “digital theatre” atmosphere with his unique sound and wizidary grasp of utilising digital media through his music. His shows created the wow factor that the club craved and when he was joined by Solardo and Camelphat, the night oozed electronic quality.



Its well know in Ibiza that Prydz is his own man, and he likes doing things his way. This stoic independent streak, combined with his dislike of flying and long summer residencies, is rumoured to be one of the reasons why Prydz may not return for another summer residency in Ibiza. He is said to be concentrating more on touring this year, as he brings his sold out Holo tour around the globe, having picked up some valuable experience in digital magic and effects from the Pissenem brothers at Hi. While he may not commit to a summer residency in Ibiza, Eric’s love of the island will ensure we should see him perform some one off shows. His relationship with Cafe Mambo goes back many years, and each season he usually makes an appearance at the legendary San An venue, which inspired him to compose the underrated Sunset at Cafe Mambo which was released as a track on the classic Opus album in 2016.  At present, there has been no official statement from either Eric Prydz or Hi regarding his Ibiza 2019 schedual, so we will have to wait before learning the validity of the rumours doing the rounds on the island. If they are true, I have a feeling that his two year Ibiza residency at Hi, will go down in the history books as one of the most coveted parties of its time.


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