Following on the success of the travel show, Paul Merton in India, Channel 5 and Tiger Aspect productions, are currently in Ibiza shooting a documentary on the hidden Ibiza. The shows producers want to look behind the stereotypical media image that is portrayed of Ibiza and discover what lies beneath.

They aim to find the real Ibiza and in the process change a perceived perception of the Island, as one full of drunken, party mad, hedonists “living it large“. Merton will be joined by Paul Walden, otherwise known as Guru Josh, whose iconic debut single Infinity, was released during the British acid house and rave era, which was inspired by Ibiza club culture of the late 1980’s.

Rather than the usual sensationalist, tabloid approach, employed by certain production companies in the past, this documentary promises to look at Ibiza through a softer lens. For what its worth, the Dannykay Blog assisted the production team with research of the Island, places to visit and interesting people to interview. From my dealings with them, the crew seem to want to capture a different angle and I would be hopeful that the Paul Merton in Ibiza agenda will be a true one.

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