Paris Hilton on DJ duty

In recent weeks, the American socialite and party girl, Paris Hilton, has announced that she will make four appearances at the Foam and Diamonds party, at Amnesia on Wednesdays. Her first party was last night and by all accounts it was a big success. Her mixing was clean and tune selection was David Guetta party style, which played to a big up for it, fun crowd, that wanted to be there to see her. The energy she brought to Amnesia last night was impressive. While the music purists on the island may be discounting of her association with Amnesia and DJing, we have to put in context what Paris Hilton and Ibiza is about. Paris Hilton is all about glamour, fashion and style and brings a certain product to the table. Ever since the famous Hollywood movie star Errol Flynn, used to pull into Ibiza on his yacht, The Zaca, in 1954, the island has attracted glamorous and fashionable stars to its shores. In the mid sixties to the mid seventies, Ibiza was the place to be for fashionable actors and celebrity stars and they brought a lot of prestige and business to the island.

The La Troya party is one of the worlds best and most established gay events. It has a world tour of 38 dates and 16 summer parties that are all sold out. Its founder is Ibiza legend, Brasilo de Oliveira, a much respected and pioneering promoter with over 40 years of experience working on the islands party scene. He was the man who invented the flamboyant night time street parades through La Marina in Ibiza town and was also creative director at KU nightclub in the 80’s, working closely with Pino Sagliocco to organise the Barcelona 92 project at KU. The parties he would have on the original Ibiza boat party, The Ku Boat, were said to be the height of taste and decadence. La Troya has made him a wealthy man and his expert eye at organising a good party is second to none in Ibiza. If he feels Paris Hilton is a good addition to Ibiza, then people should sit up and take note. Some people also seem to forget that Paris Hilton is one of the worlds leading gay icons and Ibiza has a rich gay history that has helped shape and influence the island’s party scene that we know today.

Ibiza Legend Brasilo de Oliveira

As a party girl, Paris Hilton is right up there with the best of them and one would think that fellow party people would recognise this fact. She proved last night that she can DJ, but what does this say for the present art of DJing? We all know that top DJ’s use pre mixes these days and that computer software can basically do all the work if you let it. Long gone are the days of 12″ vinyls, with jumping needles and 2 channel mixers to work with. No digital read-outs, no BPM’s, no easy location of tracks, no pre programmed effects and loops, just dodgy samplers and tape decks… was all a lot different back when. DJ’s today are spoilt and some of the celebrity one’s are just button pushers. I think Paris Hilton just highlighted this fact last night…..anybody can DJ with today’s technology. I for one think Paris Hilton is a welcome addition to Ibiza, maybe not musically, but in terms of glamour and the attention she attracts for the island, it was a good call once again by Mr Oliveira. Below is some footage from last nights party at Amnesia.