Paris Hilton and Flower Power’s Carlos Martorell

Ibiza’s recent reputation as a playground for the wealthy, is in its ascendency. Regular visits this summer by A list brands such as Paris Hilton, Kylie Minouge, MTV, Irina Shayk, Ron Burkel, 50cent and Snoop Dogg along with the yachts of the mega rich oil sheiks, have established the White Isle as the new Ocean Drive of the Mediterranean. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, were spotted in Ibiza this summer trying to attract some street cred by association.

Ibiza saw a lot more of Paris Hilton this summer, as she is rumoured to be smitten by the Island and its people. Her American party friends are now following her to Ibiza. From all accounts she was well received and in general, people that met her, found her to be polite, friendly and down to earth. Lending more weight to its reputation as one of the best parties on the Island, Paris attended the Flower Power party at Pacha in August. The Hippie themed event is the brainchild of Carlos Martorell, who arrived in Ibiza to experience the Hippy lifestyle in the early 70’s and became a part of its culture.

The Flower Power party with DJ Piti (brother of Pacha owner Ricardo Urgell) on the decks, occurs twice a month during the summer at Pacha. Its a popular local party, with all the big players on the Island in attendance. The music is an electric mix of rock, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and house music. I intend to write more on this party in the near future.