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Palmarama. Ibiza Rises To The Occasion.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

This weekend is a landmark date for the clubbing industry in Ibiza and the World. It’s been a long and hard 20 months for those of us connected to the dance scene. Never in the history of the planet have we been told we cannot dance, its effect bringing undue hardship and suffering, both financial and mental to our extended and diverse family.

Division has split us, life long friends who partied together on the dancefloor are no longer speaking to each other over opinions on plague rave DJs or vaccinations. Our temples of worship are under siege from property speculators and at a time when we really need to stand together as one united tribe, we are divided.  

It takes the courageous and brave to stand up and rather than moan about the situation, to lead from the front and do something about it. This Saturday, against all the odds, the Spanish/French alliance of the Matutes and Pissenem brothers have found a way to legally and safely get us moving on the dancefloor again when they launch their new experience Palmarama with the rising star of Ibiza, Black Coffee, back doing what he does best. However this is more than just an event, it is a turning point in our consciousness as we rise from the dark depths of this horrible pandemic that has claimed the lives of our friends and loved ones. 


Movement has a huge psychological effect on our senses, it is the song of our soul and the fluid essence of life. It heals and brings change and after many months of wandering lost in a desert of quicksand, the island is ready to fight back and resist. But it needs the support of us all, the success of this milestone event has to be shouted from the rooftops, far and wide across the galaxies and we as an industry have to unite as one tribe and build on this progress. Great things, have small beginings and this could be the turning point that changes things. 

We must dance again and support those who make it happen.

When the land of the free, America, was claimed as a new home for the persecuted of the World, one of its founding fathers Patrick Henry stated “United we stand divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs” 

We must dance again and support those who make it happen. 1500 people and 280 trees, one 160 years old, will be permitted to enter Ushuaia this weekend, if you want to support the island of Ibiza and the ideals of freedom she projects then get yourself down to Playa Den Bossa this summer as you will be in safe hands and part of the revolution to restore liberty and freedom on the dancefloor. 


Full details on this daily event to run throughout the summer and reflect the Hi Ibiza DJ schedual, can be found here 

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