Pacha Ibiza

Brave. In one word, Pacha Ibiza, has unveiled a brand new program and direction, that will introduce the club, to a whole new generation. Four new parties have been launched and five big names have departed the club. Its all the result of a terminal disagreement of opinion, late last September, between the Clubs Owner Ricardo Urgell and its manager Danny Whittle. The Blog was the first to break the news, which came as a big surprise to the Clubbing Industry both in Ibiza and abroad. Nobody saw it coming. It was akin to the Murinio-Abramovich falling out at Chelsea and resulted in Whittle walking away from the Club and bringing with him, Luciano and Pete Tong. Defected were judged surplus to requirements by Pacha,as was Tiesto and surprisingly, Erick Morillo. Except for Tiesto, all are expected to feature in Whittles new club Bomba, financed by Giuseppe Ciprani. A move was made on David Guetta by Privilege, who felt in a season of change at Pacha, the time was right to approach the Frenchman. However, this door was firmly shut, when Pacha reassured Guetta, that he was the cornerstone of their musical program going forward. Asked about the changes at Pacha by Mixmag, Guetta stated, “Pacha is the home of FMIF… but we have always made our own moves and will continue to do so”

Steve Hulme, Francisco Ferrer and Tallyn Planells.

The team chosen by Ricardo Urgell to fill the big shoes of Danny Whittle, included 33 year old Ibicenco, Tallyn Planells. Regarded as an ambitious and talented individual, he was head-hunted at Privilege, where as manager, he was responsible for signing the exciting Elrow party and courting SHM and Lady Gaga. He is now assistant at Pacha to Francisco Ferrer, with Steve Hulme as music director. The move by Ricardo Urgell to recruit a local team, reflects his desire to ensure that Pacha remains true to the Islands unique indigenous culture and not an imported or manufactured one. While some may suggest that Ricardo Urgell was never happy paying the large, inflated wages of industry promoted DJ’s, others like myself, will argue that Urgell, was unsure about the commercial direction of his club and felt he was loosing control of its future. Pacha’s identity is important to the Island of Ibiza. Its much admired and loved by the locals, as more than just a club; its an expression of Ibiza and its culture. Like the Nou Camp to the Catalans, Pacha, is a spiritual home of Ibicenco musical style and passion.

Ricardo Urgell

Its this ethos, that in my opinion, Pacha wants to protect and the main reason for its change of direction. Danny Whittle has served the club with distinction and promoted its image and personality to a worldwide audience and he will have earned the respect of many, for doing so. The official 2013 Pacha program, is one that is balanced, fresh and quality driven. Apart from Guetta, the inflated DJ wages are gone but it can be argued that Guetta’s fee is earned, due to the professionalism and talent of his skills and the prestige his FMIF party lends to the club. It is expected, that ticket prices will come down at Pacha this season and hopefully, there may also be a reduction in the VIP areas. There are more authoritative judges that will adjudicate on the finer details of DJ line ups, but in general, the response to the new Pacha program has been positive with many respected industry sources. It is a nervous time for all the 800 people connected with Pacha, as the club sets sail on uncharted waters, but if history has taught us anything, it is that fortune……. favours the brave. If you are in Ibiza this year, make sure to visit Pacha, if just to say, that you were there, the year Pacha was reborn.