Pacha Sydney on Opening Night

On a recent critical Blog about the Ibiza DJ awards, I commented on the award given to Australia as “Best Dance Nation”. I asked, were Pacha planning to open a club there soon, as the award smacked of insider cronyism. Well it looks like they are, as Pacha has announced that they will be launching their brand in Sydney, next Saturday, November 24th, at the Ivy Club. We wish them the best of luck and no doubt it is a welcome addition to the clubbing scene of Sydney, to have a club like Pacha locate there. It also highlights Pacha’s close connection to the DJ awards, (too close for comfort in my opinion), that the results may seem to come out in their favour at times. Voting transparency at this years DJ awards, has been questioned by a number of people on the Island. As the DJ Awards are a non-profit organisation, it is difficult and unfair, to accuse them of any insider trading. Without evidence it is agreed that everything is above board but transparency would go a long way to improving their image. Award ceremonies are now big business and marketers see them as an ideal opportunity to help them promote their brand. I have always had strong suspicions of the companies that manage the “Public Vote” system on the likes of X-Factor and other voting shows. As it is unregulated, and comes under no laws or accountability, it can be easily manipulated to create the desired result of its client. Its the client who pays the fees of the voting companies, so these people are in the employ or service of that client. Until there is some way of Independently verifying Public Voting results I will always take them with a pinch of salt and look to the evidence of the results as the motive for doing so.