Flanked by the Mayors of four municipalities, Ibiza Council President, Vicent Mari, today held a press conference to clear up confusion circulating on the island with regard to the Covid 19 virus outbreak. Speaking in Catalan, the islands official administration language, Mr Mari stated that the main priority for his Government was the issue of health and well being of the islands population. Fielding a number of questions from journalists present, one of which asked about the summer season ahead, Mr Mari stated that for now, they were concentrating on the health implications and would deal with that “secondary” issue as it evolved. He confirmed that the island would not act unilaterally but follow the instructions of the Balearic Government located in Palma and the Spanish government in Madrid. He stressed that all decisions would be made following advice from the two Governments and the Spanish Health Ministry.

The Council confirmed that there is just one case of Coronavirus being treated in Ibiza and that the patient is making a good recovery. He underlined that it was a “very delicate” and evolving situation and that the island should not panic with food supply chains well stocked. All public schools and cultural events are to be closed until March 31 stating that bars and restaurants could remain open, but requested that they curtail their occupancy to a third of capacity, reinforcing safe distancing and increased hygiene awareness. Government offices will remain open but with limited access and requested that citizens conduct their council business online and by phone. He encouraged employers to implement flexible hours for their employees and reassured workers that they will introduce measures to help them recoup any losses connected to the virus outbreak.

With regard to containing the virus and protecting the island from further cases, the council said it would be keeping the Airport and Ports open, but introducing physical controls and monitoring all passengers especially those arriving from high risk areas. The Council stressed that the situation was evolving all the time and they would deal with challenges when they arise but significantly, would defer decision making to Palma and Madrid. The Press Conference was held to offer transparency and reassure people that the island is doing everything it can to keep Ibiza residents safe and curtail the effects of the virus on the local community and economy.  If anything, the Press Conference has provided optimism for the season ahead but it stressed that nothing was ruled out at this current moment. Mr Marti stated that it was very important that the island works together to fight the impact of the virus both socially and economically.

A link to today’s Press Conference can be found here

UPDATE; 15/03/20 After last nights State Of Emergency direct speech by Spain’s Government we ask what does the crisis mean for the summer season ahead? t2m.io/k7XbUV91