New Order 2012

One of the most influential bands in the history of rock and electronic music, New Order, are to headline Ibiza Rocks on September 12th, 2012. It’s probably Ibiza Rocks biggest coup since they opened their San An venue in 2005 and now firmly establishes the brand on the International live music circuit. New Order would be considered as Royalty within the musical industry. To have such a prestigious and respected outfit as New Order gracing the stage of any venue is a real endorsement of quality.

Joy Divisions Post Punk, New wave sound, that was so eloquently captured in their 1982 album, Closer, was U2’s main influence in their early career. New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Divison after the untimely death of its troubled genuis Ian Curtis. Curtis and his fellow band members famously signed their Factory Records contract, in blood with Tony Wilson. The informal contract read “‘The company owns nothing, the musicians own their music and everything they do, and all artists have the freedom to fuck off.”’

New Order were also heavily involved in the birth and development of the iconic Manchester nightclub, The Hacienda, which was labelled the most famous club in the world by Newsweek in the 90’s. It was the birthplace of the acid house and rave music genre and it was during this musical revolution, that Ibiza Rocks brothers Mike and Andy Mc Kay, along with his girlfriend Dawn Hindle, first launched their Manumission Brand at the gay Manchester village of Equinox in 1994.

It is sure to be a proud moment for Andy and Dawn McKay, as they welcome such a revered Manchester era to their Ibiza Rocks Home. Unless U2 or the Rolling Stones turn up in Ibiza this season, Ibiza Rocks will have bagged the bragging rights to potentially the best night in Ibiza 2012. Tickets for this event are sure to sell out yesterday, so do not waste any time in booking, what promises to be a special night in San Antonio this summer.

Also announced for an exciting summer Ibiza Rocks season are Kasabian, Kaiser Cheifs, Maverick Saber, Bloc Party, Tine Tempah, Example, Labrinth and Professor Green.